Area residents are invited to take part in the Friends of the Pendleton Library Gingerbread Cottage Contest.

By Ann Johnson
For The Times-Post

Two local professionals — members of the five-person Friends of the Pendleton Library Gingerbread Cottage Contest judging team — recently provided tips on how to build the best possible edible edifice.

Brian DeShong with Burrow Tiny Homes looks for quality and creativity when building a home.

“With a tiny house, you have to get a lot into a little footprint. When building a small house, you look for what’s out there in the market for ideas.”

Color combinations, rooflines, and exterior styling are all key in a tiny home design, DeShong said. This is important information for people hoping to submit a winning gingerbread house.

Dave Ellison, manager at Quack Daddy Donuts, said building a great foundation is key. Using premium vanilla cake batter, perfect water temperature and mixing the batter just right help ensure a great base for a perfect donut, and the same principles will probably help build a great gingerbread house.

Finishing touches for a delectable doughnut require that it is pretty from every angle, Ellison said, also good advice for building a winning gingerbread house.

For any questions regarding the gingerbread contest, call me at 317-778-3709.