Amelia and Eleanor save the world


One day two dogs named Amelia and Eleanor were watching the news with their owners.

The TV reporter said there was an outbreak of a horrible disease called CovidPox. When you got CovidPox you had red spots all over your body, you had migraines, and you threw up.

After watching TV, the dogs told the humans their plan to stop CovidPox. The plan involved riding planes all around the world.

The dogs were professional chefs and had special spices that could heal people in five minutes if they ate the food with the spices in it.

CovidPox was spreading rapidly around the world, and schools had already closed down. Nobody could go anywhere so Amelia and Eleanor decided to put a stop to the virus.

First Amelia and Eleanor made their famous chicken noodle soup and put in the healing spice. They first went to Illinois, Ohio, then Michigan. They had gone to three states and about 200 hundred hospitals already. They realized they would have to have more spices and soup if they wanted to save the world.

The virus evolved making it deadly to all age groups. Amelia had to fly back to Indiana to get more spices from a secret plant while Eleanor got more soup. After a month they had visited five new states, and after nine more grueling months they had visited all of North America.

Now it started getting even harder because Amelia and Eleanor had to separate so one could go to Europe and one could go to South America.

They were constantly making trips back and forth from South America and Europe to Indiana. They were almost getting sick themselves because of all the traveling.

After a couple months in South America, Amelia had to fly over to Hawaii and Alaska. Now Eleanor and Amelia were separated even further apart. It was also harder to get back home for soup and spices and the virus evolved again.

If you got the virus now you would have migraines, you threw up, you had red spots on your body, and you had paranoia.

One night Amelia and Eleanor called each other and came up with a solution for all the traveling. They would fly back home and get tons of soup and put it in cans along with baggies filled with spices to heal people.

One day five dump trucks full of chicken noodle soup came to Amelia and Eleanor’s house. Amelia and Eleanor started filling cans with soup, bags with spices, and boxes with cans and spices filled with soup.

They sent 20 boxes filled with supplies to each and every hospital. Each hospital got 20 boxes, and everyone in the hospitals were now healthy. They even sent boxes to hospitals all the way in Europe. Soon the virus came to an end and everybody was safe. That is how Amelia and Eleanor saved the world.

P.S. The topic in the story were my dogs, Amelia and Eleanor.