INGALLS — A longtime leader in Ingalls plans to step down from the town council.

Tim Green, a former president and a 30-year member of the Ingalls council, sent a letter of resignation to other members and leaders of the Madison County Republican Party.

Green sent the letter last week, stating July 20 as his final day. He resubmitted the letter Monday, naming July 28 as his last day.

“It’s extremely difficult,” Green said. “I own homes, businesses, have kids and grandkids here, and I care a lot about this town. It gets to a point that enough is enough. I don’t take this decision lightly. I feel I let the people that voted for me down.

“At some point you just throw your hands up and say, ‘I’m done.’ That’s where we’re at.”

Green said he has differences with town attorney Gregg Morelock, as well as how the town has handled some billing and collection procedures, among other issues.

Recently, he had headed an ordinance that would censure the clerk-treasurer’s office, after audits showed 16 violations of state law or rules and regulations of the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

Therber Brock and Associates LLC is conducting audits of Ingalls finances from Jan. 1, 2016, to Dec. 31, 2019. The audits had shown the town was owed more than $40,000 from commercial developers who were not billed for inspections.

The censure ordinance, which was read at the June 22 meeting, was tabled until all audits were completed.

Town council president Scot Lawyer said the town was working on recovering the money and had recovered about half (roughly $21,000) of the amount.

He added that he did not know if all the money would be recovered but thought it was possible to get 75% to 80%, noting some of those who were not originally billed may no longer be in business.

The remaining portion of the audit is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Green’s resignation has yet to be accepted by the town council. The next meeting is slated for 7 p.m. July 27 at town hall.

If the resignation is accepted, Madison County Republican Party Chairman Russ Willis will appoint a replacement.

In the initial letter of resignation, Green states:

“While I love the town there are several problems that make serving properly a impossible task. Ingalls has a lot of problems and hopefully you will find a replacement that will be able to help solve a lot of those items.”

Green said he will not attend the July 27 meeting.

“Tim has a wealth of knowledge and experience,” Lawyer said. “Definitely sad to see him go, but he has to do what is best for him.”

Willis said he received the resignation letter Monday. With Ingalls having only one precinct, he, as the chairman of the party with which Green is affiliated, will choose the successor.

Willis said anyone from the town interested in Green’s council seat can call him at 765-643-4871. He has until Aug. 19 to fill the spot, though the position could be filled sooner.

Green was elected to his current term in 2018. His term has two and a half years remaining on it.