Riders enjoy a ride on the hang glider ride during June Jamboree. Kenny Humphrey | For The Times-Post

    Community, Lions Club enjoy the return of June Jamboree

    PENDLETON — The numbers aren’t all in, but Pendleton Lions Club president Betty Weist felt it was pretty safe to say the 2021 Pendleton Lions Club June Jamboree was a success.
    “I think we did very well,” Weist said. “I don’t know exactly (how much money was raised). I know we did very well, because we didn’t have rain until late on the last day. We were full every night, which is good for us, because we can help the community. All of our money that we make from fundraisers goes back to the community.”
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    From June 8-12 the jamboree was back.
    The 51-year streak of having Luehrs’ Ideal Rides at the annual event in Falls Park was snapped last year because of the pandemic.
    The event, organized by the Lions, raises money that is then put back into the community for scholarships and other needs.
    The June Jamboree marked the return of Luehrs, Kiwanis K-Burgers, Boy Scouts corn on the cob, and plenty of fun and games for the folks of Pendleton and many others who attended the five-day fair.
    Christina Hubbard of Pendleton said she had been coming to the festive event with her family for the last 10 years. She really missed not having it in 2020 and was glad to be back.
    “This is the only fair I have ever been to,” she said. “I didn’t have a hometown fair to go to (growing up). So, I missed it last year. It’s a pretty big deal. I’ve been here twice already.
    “I took time off work to come to be here early to experience the whole thing,” she added. “I wanted to make sure we rode all the rides and got to do some of the games. I mark (June Jamboree) on my calendar. I was looking at social media a few months ago hoping they were going to have it.”
    Joshua and Erin Hall brought their daughter, Sophia, 8, and son, Joshua, 6.
    To them the jamboree provided a vacation-like atmosphere without having to travel.
    “We wanted to do something fun for the kids,” dad Joshua Hall said.
    Erin Hall said she’s been attending her entire life.
    “Pendleton likes to have outdoor activities,” she said. “We like our festivals and fairs. It gives you a chance to run into people you know, and it raises money for good causes.
    “(Son Joshua) got up at 6 this morning and wanted to know if was time to go to the fair.”
    Weist said advance ride tickets sales were very good and crowds were strong each night.
    “We were so happy to be able to have it,” she said. “Not just the people that came were excited — we were, too. All of our Lions worked hard, and they were all really tired after Saturday night.”