An election is on the horizon

Man casts his ballot as he votes for the local elections at a polling station. Focus on hand.

MADISON COUNTY — The 2022 Primary Election is coming up, with offices at all levels on the ballot in Madison County and a new way for residents to cast ballots.

With little more than a week before the deadline for candidates to file, races are beginning to take shape, especially at the county level, where there are multiple Republican candidates running to be the party’s candidate for sheriff in November; the office is open after current Democratic Sheriff Scott Mellinger completes his maximum two terms this year.

There are also multiple Republicans filed for three of four County Council seats on the ballot, and seats where an incumbent is not in the running, either because of term limits or choice.

Election Director Mary Retherford said filing so far has been at an “average” level compared to the past.

There’s still plenty of time for things to change between now and the filing deadline of noon Feb. 4, she said. In 2020, for instance, 54 people filed between 8 a.m. an noon on the final filing day.

The deadline for county residents to register to vote is 4 p.m. April 4.

Primary Election Day this year is May 3, during which polls will be open the usual 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Retherford said that is when voters will notice perhaps the biggest change: polling locations themselves.

“We’re going to go to vote centers — this’ll be the first year for vote centers,” Retherford said.

Voters will be able to cast their ballot at any of the vote centers no matter where they live, she said.

Where those centers will be located, however, has not finalized.

“Nothing etched in stone yet. Those could change,” she said. “I’d hate to get that out because it’s still early.”

ID requirements at the polls remain the same, she said. An Indiana ID card or drivers license.

Look to The Times-Post for a complete listing of candidates after the filing deadline, and for stories on various races as Election Day nears.

Offices up for election in 2022

U.S. Senator

U.S. Representative

State Treasurer (nominated at state convention)

State Auditor of the state (nominated at state convention)

State Senator District 25

State Representative District 31

State Representative District 35

State Representative District 36

State Representative District 53

State Representative District 88

Circuit Court 6 Judge

County Assessor

County Clerk

County Prosecuting Attorney

County Recorder

County Sheriff

County Treasurer

County Commissioner District 1

County Council District 1

County Council District 2

County Council District 3

County Council District 4

Adams Township Trustee

Adams Township Board (three members)

Anderson Township Trustee

Anderson Township Board (three members)

Boone Township Trustee

Boone Township Board (three members)

Duck Creek Township Trustee

Duck Creek Township Board (three members)

Fall Creek Township Trustee

Fall Creek Township Board (three members)

Green Township Trustee

Green Township Board (three members)

Jackson Township Trustee

Jackson Township Board (three members)

Lafayette Township Trustee

Lafayette Township Board (three members)

Monroe Township Trustee

Monroe Township Board (three members)

Pipe Creek Township Trustee

Pipe Creek Township Board (three members)

Richland Township Trustee

Richland Township Board (three members)

Stony Creek Township Trustee

Stony Creek Township Board (three members)

Union Township Trustee

Union Township Board (three members)

Van Buren Township Trustee

Van Buren Township Board (three members)

Ingalls Town Council At Large (two seats)

Lapel Town Council At Large (two seats)

Pendleton Town Council At Large 4

Pendleton Town Council District 3

Multiple school board seats (General Election only), as well as party delegates to state comvention and Democratic precinct committeemen.

Source: Madison County Election Office


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