The Lapel High School Class of 1971


By Ray Tincher | For The Times-Post

The year 1971 was somewhat special. Several historical events took place during the year. On Jan. 31, Apollo 14 (carrying astronauts Alan Shepherd, Stuart Rossa and Edgar Mitchell) lifted off on the third successful lunar landing mission and lands on the Moon. In May, Mariner-9 is launched toward Mars.

Representatives from 23 western oil companies began negotiations with OPEC in Tehran to stabilize oil prices. In England, the Rolls-Royce car manufacturer went bankrupt. The Nasdaq stock exchange was founded in New York City. There was an earthquake in Los Angeles that killed 64 people and injured more than 2,000.

The Vietnam War was still going strong. South Vietnamese troops invaded Laos. The Harris Poll found that 60% of Americans were against the war.

The landmark TV sitcom “All in the Family” starring Carrol O’Conner as Archie Bunker debuts on CBS. The Ed Sullivan Show airs its final episode. A Starbucks coffee shop is founded in the U.S. state of Washington. National Public Radio airs its first broadcast.

The Baltimore Colts defeat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13 in Super Bowl V to win the National Football Championship. In the “Fight of the Century,” boxer Joe Frazier defeats Muhammad Ali in a 15 -round unanimous decision at Madison Square Garden.

In the NBA, Milwaukee sweeps Baltimore in four games to win its first NBA Championship. Evel Knievel sets a world record and jumps 19 cars, on a motorbike, in Ontario, California. And Satchel Paige becomes the first Negro league player to be voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Back in the Lapel area, the first week of January 1971, Brockway Glass announced plans to expand the operations in the Lapel Plant. Corporate headquarters in Brockway, Pennsylvania reported, “We will turn on the heat in another huge, glass melting furnace at Lapel.”

At Kings Lanes in Lapel, Linda Hormell bowled a 232 game, making her a member of the 225 club. George Hiatt bowled a 260, making him a member of the 250 club. Also, at the annual All-Sports Banquet, Dave Shepherd is chosen as Mr. Basketball. On the Brockway Golf Course, an ABCD two best ball tourney took place. The winning team was Ross Weaver, Pete Dearing, Kenny Cobb and Jim Anderson.

At Lapel High School, the faculty were, in alphabetical order: Robert Adams — choir, Linwood Benner — English, Price Brookfield — coach, physical education and health, Larry Eckhart — coach, Marka Eckhart — physical education and health, Bill French — shop, Robert Gehlbach — geometry, Sue Hersberger — English, Dallas Hunter — athletic director, Elizabeth Huntzinger — home economics, Genevieve Lyon — art, Anita Michael — art, Marion Noggle — English and Latin, Larry Pearson — math, Marvin Pike — social studies, Lucille Rockey — history, Elizabeth Shaul —typing, Marilyn Shaw — home economics, Jean Snyder — biology, Fred St. John — vocational agriculture, Jeannie Terhune — music, Donald Trisler — history, Margret Trisler — language, Jon Trippeer — industrial arts, James Wampler –— band, Pauline Webb — typing, Irma Wells — librarian, Annie Whalen — English; Janie Woods — English and Jane Worton — home economics.

The senior class of 1971 graduating class consisted as the following students: Anthony Blake — class president; Bennie Jennings — vice president; Sharry Parker Bentley — secretary and Cynthia Caplinger — treasurer; Carolyn Ackerman, Victoria Bays, Sue Beanblossom, Rex Becraft, Ted Bell, Gary Benedict, Nila Bilbrey, Donald Bixler, Billie Jean Bloom, Christine Ashby Bond, Wanda Branham, Tonja Cain, Joy Carey, Jana Jo Castor, Marcia Clevenger, Constance Collier, Tina Jo Cook, Jan Cox, Teresa Cox, Steven Dale, Larry Edwards, Mark Eliason, Stephenie Etchison, Terri Ginder, John Goettmann, Debbie Hamilton, Linda Harney, Sharon Heiny, Eric Hensley, Brenda Hersberger, Kent Hesson, Sandra Highwood, Duane Hopkins, Mark Hopkins, Michael Horning, Jerry Hull, Rosalie Huntzinger, Alvin Jenkins, Robert Kluth, Timothy Merrill, Gary Metzger, Jackie Moore, Shirley Muse, Elsa Marie Navarro, Patrick O’Connor, James O’Neal, David Perry, Edward Porter, Christopher Prichard, Elizabeth Fisher Reddick, Cheryl Richards, Gary Schuyler, Bill Sears, Vicki Simons, Linda Spegal, Barbara Reddick Springer, Beverly Stickles, Debra Sylvester, Stephen Sylvester, Laura Tamalas, John Thomas, Linda Thompson, Carol Upton, Dean Whitlow, Sue Wolfe and Thomas Woodward.

LHS golfers finished their season with a 15-1 record. The team finished the season second in the White River Conference. Their only loss was to Yorktown. Jim Howell was the medalist most of the season. Shenandoah failed to turn in a correct scorecard and forfeited the match.

The baseball team racked up a good record, finishing the season at 17-10. It finished third in the White River Conference. In the sectional, the Bulldogs advanced to the semifinals by defeating the Highland Laddies with a clutch hit by senior Jim Howell, in the ninth inning.

The varsity cross country and track team finished the season at 14-3. This was despite bad weather, with their practice sessions in snow and freezing rain. Their practice sessions paid off, as their experience ran down other teams to win.

The varity basketball season was a great year with their talent on the floor. Lapel finished the season with a 17-3 record. The Bulldogs showed great teamwork, as they defeated other good teams. There were only 14 points keeping this team from having an “undefeated” season!

Many students worked diligently throughout the school year and receive recognition for their efforts. Ron Buckner, Jim Howell, Teresa Simmermon, and Carol Huntzinger were representatives for Boys State and Girls State. Shirley Perry received the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. Teresa Simmermon won the DAR award of the year.

Last Year, this class had their 50th Class Reunion. My next article will be about the senior class of 1972, and that will be their 50th class reunion. Will someone from the class would contact me via email. Would love to know how many survived to come to their class reunion. If you have any group photos you would like to share, we will share them with others. Email address is [email protected].

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