Hutton honored by school board association


Bill Hutton

PENDLETON — Longtime South Madison Community School Corp. board member Bill Hutton received the Indiana School Board Association’s Exemplary Governance Award.

Hutton has been a member of the school board for 12 years. He is a former educator and administrator in the school system. He spent 18 years in the classroom and 18 more years as an administrator.

The Exemplary Governance Award program celebrates school boards and school board members for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to continuous improvement and professional learning through active participation in ISBA or ISBA-recognized trainings, seminars, and conferences.

The ISBA formally recognized 179 school board members in four different categories, commendable (82), advanced (48), distinguished (24) and exemplary (25).

“I think the board is doing a great job keeping our school focused on the students and that’s where my whole career has been. It’s been a good marriage,” Hutton said. “With the school board, there are a lot of different things we’re responsible for that I wasn’t used to as a teacher or an administrator. The only way you can learn about those things is to get involved. I’ve always been one that if I am going to get involved with something I am going to get involved all the way.”

Individual school board members attain Exemplary Governance Award status by earning points for attending ISBA and ISBA-approved conferences, events, seminars and workshops. A total of 75 points receive commendable status, 125 earns advanced, 175 for distinguished and 225, for the highest honor, exemplary.

“On behalf of ISBA, I commend (the award winners) for their dedication to the children and school communities they represent and for actively engaging with the association’s programs and services,” ISBA Executive Director Terry Spradlin said, in a release provided by the school corporation.


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