Lapel High School Class of 1987


Ray Tincher

By Ray Tincher | For The Times-Post

In February 1987, the Unabomber was still on the loose, as he exploded one of his bombs at a Salt Lake City computer store, injuring the owner. He would be later captured, but not before he killed and injured more people.

The 59th Academy Awards takes place in Los Angeles, with “Platoon” winning Best Picture. The Simpsons cartoon first appeared as a series of shorts before gaining popularity in 1987.

In July 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above the 2,500 mark for the first time.

The World population was estimated to have reached five billion people, according to the United Nations.

In our Lapel community, people were upset because we were losing our Myer Variety Store. Myer was always known as “The Dime Store.”

This writer came out of high school and started as an assistant manager trainee of a Danner Bros Store, in Rushville, Indiana. During that time period, this store carried 40,000 items.

Danner Bros. had 16 stores in Indiana during that time period. I was later promoted to manager of the Brookville store. A few months later, Louie Danner (a son of owner) decided he did not want to work in their office and requested my position. You know how that turned out — I was transferred to their Greenfield store, as assistant manager.

Shopping Centers were becoming the new thing. Danner Bros. management was hesitant to move to shopping centers. Slowly, their sales declined and there are no Danner Bros. stores today.

In other local news, Helping Hands Society met in the Friendship Room of Ford Street Church. The new officers hosted the meeting. Linda Whisman led the business meeting and devotions. Joyce Nunley presented a game, which was won by Luanne Julian. Dianne Simmerman won the door prize. The guests were Cameron and Justin Coomer.

Kris Harney was notified that he was selected for membership in the American Musical Ambassadors Band. This highly select concert band of students from all over the United States, will tour several European countries for three weeks. Kris, son of Estel and Aleda Harney, was a member of the Lapel High School Band, directed by Greg Scott.

Lapel High School faculty of the 1987 senior class was busy preparing the students for graduation. The elected board members were Fred St. John, Paul Davis, Ron Stephenson, Stan Hackleman, Lloyd Young, Rex Etchison, George Dickson, Tim Fihe and Gary Dalzell. Larry Galliher was appointed new high school principal, and Jerry Kemerly and Joe Buck moved up to his assistant. Judy Lane was secretary and Peggy Stephens was treasurer. Ruth Bahler oversaw the school health system.

Other faculty members were Robert Adams, Faye Allen, Robert Allison, Margaret Anderson, Michael Andrews, Steven Babbitt, Johanna Baker, Carol Bauner, Jean Birge, Joan Casey, Dorinda Cassiday, Richard Cassiday, Diane Clark, Dianna Clark, Pam Collins, Cathy Coomer, Carla Copeland, Andrew Crozier, Debby Davis, Rhea Kay Dixon, Deborah Downey, Janet Eisenbise, Cheryl Farrell. Bobby Fields, Woody Fields, Bill French, David Fuqua, Mary Gehlbach, Trudy George, Catherine Gillespie, Karen Goldstein, Denise Gray, Lois Hallett, Sheryl Hawsey, Cheryl Hensley, Sue Hersberger, Jack Howell, Caroline Howenstine, Marsha Hudson, Dallas Hunter, Patty Huntzinger, Marianne Julius, Art Laker, Ann Lowder, Harold Markle, Donald McDermit, Sharon McDermit, Charles McNew, Brenda Mills, Sue Morris, Laura Reed, Lucille Rockey, Larry Schuler, Gregory Scott, Pam Shively, Patricia Stewart, Lisa Storm, Carol Swan, Jeannine Terhune, Zoe Terhune and Donald Trisler.

The 1987-88 senior class officers were Eric John Lee — president; April Lynn Kinnaman — vice president; Amy Louise Dale — secretary; and Julie Ann Myers — treasurer.

Congratulations to the other seniors as follows in alphabetical order: Amy Barker, Michael Barnes, Traci Beitel, Gregory Benefiel, Scott Blake III, Michael Bright, Jeri Callahan, David Chase, Douglas Couch, Jimmie Crawford, Carmen Freuand, Timothy Gill, Billy Davis, Barbara Due, John Earlywine, Marcie Ford, Bret Hackleman, Catherine Hall, Angelia Harrington, Veronica Haskell, Holly Havens, Christine Hazelwood, Pamela Johnson, David Jones, Christopher Hopkins, Teresa Hunter, Amy Husted, Shawn Huston, Melissa Kendall, Tina Kepner, Katherine King, Elizabeth Krasean, Geraldine Lampley, Tracy Lewis, Debra Lum, Kenneth Lumpkin, Kevin Marcum, Rebecca Markle, Katherine Mason, Treine Matherly, Tracy McClintock, Amy McFarland, Antoinette McIntire, John McMahan, Lisa McMillian, Tammy Morris, Mark Mroz, Kelly Naselroad, Linda Newman, Angela Ray, Chad Renbarger, Anne Renner, Tamera Robertson, William Metzger, Jennifer Milligan, Bradley Millikan, LeeAnn Moore, Paula Newton, Charles Phillips, Donna Pollard, Janelle Ratzlaff, Brian Sandefur, Anthony Schuyler, Melanie Scott, Eric Smedley, James Smith, Tammy Soden, Keith Springer, Angela Stebbins, Douglas Stichler, Greg Swinford, Clarence Taylor, Elizabeth Thomas, Kent Watson, James Weeks, John Willis, Leslie Woodward, Stacy Wright and Andrew Wrin.

In LHS sports, the girls cross country team was an exception. It had a winning season but did not finish well in the Anderson Invitational or Tipton Invitational; it finished second in the Triton Central Invitational. It was led by Kathy Berninger, Ann Gillispie, Julie Myers, Kelly Perry, Jennifer Muse, Diana Lee, April Kinnaman, Traci Beitel, Heather Millikan, Tara Hazelbaker and Traci Hinshaw.

In 1987-88, LHS lost two of its most cherished teachers to retirement: Lucille Rockey and Sue Hersberger. Rockey was born and raised in Brockway, Pennsylvania. There were four teachers and two nurses from her family. Rockey began teaching school at age 18. She started with elementary school and then went to high school to teach. Although she had many hobbies, her favorite hobby appears to be traveling the world. She has traveled to the North Pole and Alaska, Argentina and up the east coast of South America to Panama, in Europe and Scandinavian countries, plus most countries in Asia. You could call her, “A World Traveler.” However, the pleasure she received from teaching 50 years had to be very gratifying. If you have any doubts about this teacher, just ask her students’ opinions.

Sue Hersberger had been teaching 25 years. During that time, she had an impact on many students and possibly influenced their lives. She began her teaching career in 1961 at Walnut Grove High School. In 1965 she moved to Highland High School. She began her teaching at LHS in 1968. Hersberger graduated from Ball State University, where she received her teaching degree. One of the things she taught students was to believe in themselves.

One of the reasons for her retirement is because she drove from Ridgeville, Indiana each day, which is 61 miles, and takes one hour and 20 minutes. For someone to drive that distance, one must love what they do, and I would say, “Mrs. Sue Hersberger loved teaching at LHS.”


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