SOUTH MADISON COUNTY — Pendleton Heights and Lapel high schools’ Class of 2022 celebrated graduation hours apart on Sunday, June 5.

At Pendleton Heights, the class numbering 347 students marked the milestone event outside with friends and family at John Broughton Field starting at 2 p.m.

The class, which spent much of its time in high school adapting to COVID-19 challenges, plucked a line from the movie “Chicken Little” for its motto.

It seems to embodied the resiliency they were forced to develop: “Though at times it may feel like the sky is falling around you, never give up. For every day is a new day,”

Among the presenters, Shelby Goyer delivered the salutatorian address, and Darcy Jacobs delivered the valedictorian address; Principal Connie Rickert certified the class, and Superintendent Mark Hall accepted the class.

Pendleton Heights did not have a class color or flower; but at Lapel, which had an indoor celebration that began at 5 p.m., there were both: Class Colors are Royal Blue, Turquoise and Silver, with its Class Flower the White Rose.

Its Class Motto also was film related: “Good luck, have fun and may the force be with you, young Jedis.”

Class Vice President Lily Humerickhouse and Class Representative Lucy Loller were among the many speakers who addressed the class, which numbered 122.

Lapel High School Band performed “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and the Show Choir performed “Maybe Someday.”

Both schools also acknowledged the 50th anniversary of the classes of 1972.

Shelby Cates receives a congratulatory hug as she crosses the stage at Lapel High School during graduation ceremonies Sunday, June 5.

Logan Burgess crosses the stage during Lapel High School’s graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 5.

Scenes from Lapel High School graduation Class of 2022. Sunday, June 5.

Lapel High School graduates (from left) Lilian Adams, William Alexander, Ashlynn Allman, Alexis Anderson, Emma Anderson and Reegan Ashley.

Scenes from Lapel High School graduation Class of 2022. Sunday, June 5.

Lily Hogg, a member of Lapel High School’s Class of 2022, during graduation cememonies on Sunday, June 5.

Samara Beckley during Lapel High School graduation ceremonies on Sunday, June 5.

Alayni Bell at Lapel High School graduation on Sunday, June 5.