Lapel High School Class of 1992


The year 1992 year included a leap year. Some people were born on that day and can only celebrate their birthday every four years. Does that mean, after 24 years, they are officially only six years old? Would those born on leap year day be considered exceptional? If you know someone born on that day, ask them?

In February 1992, a court in Milwaukee sentenced serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to 15 terms of life in prison for murder and cannibalism. Prison life didn’t agree with Dahmer — another inmate killed him two years later.

In March 1992, NASA launched a Space Shuttle Atlantis from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The shuttle was carrying several instruments designed to study global warming.

Also in 1992, a jury in Miami convicted former Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega of aiding in the delivery of drugs for Colombia’s cocaine cartel. Noriega also refused to step down after losing the election of his position in Panama.

In Guadalajara, Mexico, there was fuel leaking into their sewer system, which officials did not detect until the leakage caused a series of explosions that killed 215 people and injured another 1,500.

On April 29, 1992, the acquittal of four police officers in the Rodney King beating criminal trial triggered massive rioting in Los Angeles. The riots lasted for six days resulting in 63 deaths and more than $1 billion in damages before order was restored by a military unit.

In July 1992, the Democratic National Convention chose Bill Clinton as their candidate for the presidential election. Clinton announced his choice of Al Gore as his running mate in the upcoming presidential election. They would win the election.

In August ‘92, the South was hit by a Category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Andrew hit Florida and Louisiana. The hurricane continued into the states, ending in the Tennessee Valley. The storm merged with a storm system, killing 23 people, and creating millions of dollars in damages.

Also in 1992, Lapel Town Council members, Terry Rich, Danny Shuck, Ron Nunley and clerk-treasurer Donna Clouse met to wrap-up their final meeting of their four-year terms. There were people attending the meeting who expressed their appreciation and support for the prior last four years. Dorothy Robinette, Lapel Sewage Plant operator and Lapel Fire Chief Jim Bauer, and Police Chief Dennis Molina were in attendance. The new town council members were Gary Scherer, Scott Hersberger, Aldon Cox and Tom Tudor.

Lapel Cub Scout Pack 361 conducted an awards banquet in January 1992. Receiving awards were Kyle Dawson, Mike Adams, Anthony Stone, Chris Anderson, David Everman, Adam Tudor, Josh Jarrett, Ryan Graham, Zach Fisher, Donald King, Dustin Husted, Zach McMahon, Corbin Barber, Jason Cox and Nathan Cox. To earn their Bear Badge, each Cub Scout had to be fingerprinted. These Scouts can now reflect back on those times with good memory.

The Lapel High School Music Department had reason to be proud of the students participating in the State Music Contest. Susan Tynes (senior) took second place for her saxophone solo “Aria.” Jennifer Burris accompanied her. Senior Jacinda Balser took second place for her solo “Un Moto di Gioia.” Senior Jennifer Burris received first place for her solo “How Beautiful are The Feet,” by Handel.

In addition, Principal Larry Galliher announced that Lapel Jr/Sr High School had been awarded the Indiana School Incentive Awards Program 1990-91 School Improvement Award. To earn this award, a school must improve in at least two of the following four areas; language arts, mathematics and/or the total battery scores achieved during the annual Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress (ISTEP). The award also included a financial award of $3,130 to be used for further school improvement.

Seemingly small and sheltered, the world of Lapel students appeared to be filled with special friendships, parties, ballgames and memories.

Homecoming Dress-up Days got the Homecoming celebrations going. The students enjoyed dressing up as their favorite cartoon characters for Mickey Mouse Day and parading on Cinderella’s Ball Day. Other days were Black and Gold Days, and Foreign Country Days.

The Prom in 1992 was “A Time To Remember.” Juniors and seniors enjoyed their time spent at the Shorewood Clubhouse in Geist. The fireplace and flower decorations gave the place a special atmosphere. The Prom King and Queen candidates were presented with all of the students dressed in suits and evening gowns. Candidates: Junior Rebekah Perry, Natalie Squid, Heather Womack, Joe Bowman, Jason Jones and Adam Kinnaman were the newest members of Lapel royalty.

The faculty for 1992 were: Larry Galliher – principal; Joe Buck – assistant principal, varsity basketball coach; Bobby Fields – assistant principal, athletic and activities director; Robert Adams – assistant band director; Faye Allen, Steve Babbit, Jim Baker, Michelle Bauer – secretary; Calvin Bayley, Jean Birge, Mark Boudrot, Joan Casey, Dorinda Cassiday, Richard Cassiday, Tim Coppess, Bill French, Denise Gray, Lois Hallett, Cheryl Hensley, Sue Hersberger, Amy Hoover – secretary, Dallas Hunter, Marianne Julius, Art Lake, Judy Lane – secretary, Anne Lowder, Harold Markle, Donald McDermit, Sharon McDermit, Brenda Mills, Jan Passwater, Polly Pruitt – foods, Greg Scott – band director, Cindy Stephenson – secretary, Jeannine Terhune, Zoe Terhune and Doug Van Dyke.

After teaching for 37 years (mostly sixth grade), Jack Howell decided to retire. He had spent his years of service with Central Community School Corp. The reception was flooded with past and present students, plus past and present teachers, friends and family. Jack Howell’s popularity with students and the Lapel community caused him to be nominated for the 1992 Shining Star Award for excellence in teaching. This writer can attest to Mr. Howell’s relationship with the Lapel community. American Legion Post 212 presented him with an Outstanding Citizen Award. He and his wife Jackie raised a family that also are well represented in surrounding school systems. Jack and Jackie Howell are an asset to the Lapel community.

The 1992 valedictorian was Susan Tynes. The 1992 salutatorian was Jill Boyd. The other seniors were Donnie Adams, Janette Adams, Doug Anderson, Gary Arnold, Cory Arnold, Jacinda Balser, Pat Bell, Sam Bennett, Kyle Bloom, Ed Bollman, Robbie Bond, Jill Boyd, Aaron Bracken, Vicky Brooks, Jennifer Burris, Ryan Chelli, Hope Clark, Josh Clark, Brandi Cole, Tony Cole, Chris Colins, Cheryl Cowen, Belinda Cox, Kanesha Crawford, Della Denham, Chrissy Devaney, Hope Edenfield, Marie Ferguson, Tena Foster, Darlene Funk, Becky Hagner, Rachel Hobbs, David Holloway, Tony Jones, Angela Kendall, Kim Kilburn, Kris Kilburn, Jenny Lackey, Dan Lum, Rocky Lyons, Glen Maggart, Jon Maxey, Shelly McClintock, Bobbie McKee, Frank Mills, Matt Pape, Shannon Posey, Jason Price, Dyke Pruitt, Jenny Rockhold, Brandi Roose, Jeff Sandefur, Jennifer Scherer, Ben Schuck, Christy Silver, Mark Spacaj, Jerry Stanley, Jeramey Stinson, Connie Swackhamer, Amy Taylor, Eliza Tudor, Susan Tynes and Greg McClintock.

Annabelle Oleksy had been employed in the LHS cafeteria for 27 years. She was reputed to have never missed a day of work. In 1992, she was presented a plaque in appreciation for her positive attitude and dependability.

Sports highlights for 1991-92 were girls tennis, with a 7-4 record; softball 12-4; and girls varsity basketball 8-9; boys varsity basketball, 8-13; and boys cross country 11-4. For the other sports, it was considered a “building year.”

We all do not want to forget the upcoming Lapel Village Fair – July 8 and 9. If you have some items you have had long enough to consider them junk, you have an opportunity to join your neighbors and have a yard/carport/garage sale. And don’t forget the Village Fair Parade. You will also enjoy the food trucks and all of the tents selling their trinkets. It is our time of the year to have fun.

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