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Members and leaders of Pendleton Scouts BSA Female Troop 262 pass out tools for cleaning out a section of White River recently. Pictured are: Keith Morris, John Huther, Jennifer Huther, Rose Wydock, Dakota Huther, Sienna Huther, Sarah Waymire, Chris Delk and Bella Wydock.

PENDLETON — Pendleton Scouts BSA Troop 262, an all-female group led by Scoutmaster John Huther, helped clean up a section of the White River in Delaware County on Saturday, June 11.

White River Watchers, a group that organizes river clean-ups, contacted Troop 262 to see if the youths would like to help clean up a section of White River.

The troop agreed, deciding to start with a campout at Mounds State Park on Friday before heading to the river the next morning.

“It was really good,” Huther said of the cleanup.

The troop found a wide range of trash, including a mattress and a 55-gallon barrel, he said.

“It was actually quite tiring by the end of it all,” Huther said, adding that “I think it was of the best projects we’ve ever done in our unit.”

On clean-up day, the Scouts signed in for the event at Canoe Country in Daleville. They were joined by White River Watcher members who paid for the canoe rental and provided some tire hooks, trash bags and gloves to help with the effort.

The troop started its river cleanup at about 9 a.m., at a point about five miles upstream, to the east. The troop first cleaned up the put-in site and then made its way downstream to Daleville.

The Scouts spent almost six hours cleaning the river.

Trash removed from the river included beer cans, paper cups, plastic sacks, glass bottles and a section of culvert.

Other items removed included a metal post, metal drums, car parts, fishing nets, fishing poles, clothing, rubber rafts and a lot of plastic debris.

The troop had a contest to see who could find a tire; they found five.

When the troop arrived back at Canoe Country, the trash was placed in Canoe Country’s large trash bin, and the tires were set aside to be recycled.

The troop removed 1,000 pounds of trash from the river, a total they plan to add to in the future.

“We talked already about doing it again next year,” Huther said, noting that troop members were keen on the prospect.

White River Watchers thanked the troop for its help.

Youth or church groups interested in cleaning White River or Fall Creek can contact White River President Bill Evans at e 765-643-3318 or Vice President Sue Kilburn at 765-649-7343. Money is available to pay for canoe rentals.

Troop 262 began in February 2019 with the inclusion of females aged 10 to 17 into the Scouts BSA program and is sponsored by Pendleton First United Methodist Church.

They camp year round and have made trips to St. Louis, Silversides battleship in Muskegon, Michigan, and throughout the state of Indiana and have to-date three females who have obtained the rank of Eagle.

Troop 262 has given service to their church, Pendleton tornado cleanup in 2019, Falls Park, Green Township Community Park, Mounds State Park and Pendleton Kiwanis.

For more details about Scouts BSA, including how to join, email [email protected] or call 765-602-1712.


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