Iron Horse group earns black belts


Master Myron Gerber with Brock Lagoni and his Autism Awareness Black Belt and Kukkiwon Certificate.

Submitted photo

PENDLETON — Four members of Iron Horse Martial Arts recently earned tae kwon do black belt promotions.

Family members Brock Lagoni, Chala Lagoni and Logan Lagoni along with Avey Staley received their black belts under the guidance of sixth-degree Master Myron Gerber.

Brock Lagoni earned a special needs black belt. Last year, he earned a national tae kwon do special needs division silver medal.

The black belt promotion test included hours of demonstrating 11 forms, a weapon form, 32 self-defense moves, nine weapon self-defense moves, sparring, more than 400 push-ups, breaking five boards and one cement block, answering questions related to the art and meaning of tae kwon do, speaking in Korean, and submitting a 500-page essay on what it means to them to be a black belt.

Testing was conducted by Master Gerber along with several black belts helping to conduct tests and observe.

According to the martial arts studio, the promotion is designed to serve as a test of endurance, strength and overcoming odds.

Becoming a black belt means demonstrating leadership within the dojang, home and community, the club stated in an email.

The black belts are now eligible for registration under Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters.


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