Lapel High School Class of 1995


Ray Tincher

The year 1995 was the first year that the Internet was entirely privatized, with the U.S. government no longer providing public funding, marking a major development in the information age.

On Jan. 25, 1995, the Norwegian rocket incident could have been a disaster. A rocket launched from the space exploration center at Andaya, Norway, was briefly interpreted by the Russians as an incoming attack. Fortunately for everyone, Russia did not respond in a military manner. Today, that innocent rocket launch may have started another war.

One week later, the government of Mexico was in financial trouble. It was called the” Mexican peso crisis.” U.S. President Bill Clinton used his executive powers to extend a $20 billion dollar loan to help Mexico avert financial collapse.

On March 25, 1995, boxer Mike Tyson was released from the Plainfield Correctional Facility after serving three years. This writer had a couple of conversations with a warden of that facility regarding inmate Tyson. He told me the prison did not have any major incidents started by Tyson. Some of the staff got in trouble trying to get autographs from Tyson, he said.

The warden said Tyson has daily visitors, keeping the visitation area busy all day long, seven days a week.

On April 19, 1995, an incident in Oklahoma City dominated our news for several weeks, The incident was the Oklahoma City bombing; 168 people, including eight federal marshals and 19 children, were all killed at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, and 680 others were wounded, by a bomb set off by Timothy McVeigh and accomplice Terry Nichols.

After a lengthily courtroom trial and daily live media coverage, a jury found O.J. Simpson not guilty of murder in the deaths of former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Simpson was later was found liable for their deaths in a civil trial, however.

On Jan. 26, 1995, the front page of The Lapel Post featured a photograph of Herman Hinshaw. Three months before he was officially inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Herman passed away.

Hinshaw played basketball at Lapel High School and graduated in 1927. Hinshaw eventually became the coach of the LHS basketball team, and in 1940, he was the coach who almost climbed the mountain of basketball. He coached the LHS team to the Final Four. This is just one of the many accomplishments of Herman Hinshaw.

Also in 1995, the West Central Community School Corp. board of education voted to change the corporation name. There were several names suggested, and after two months of discussion, the board approved Frankton-Lapel Community Schools.

The high school faculty of 1994-95 included: Larry Galliher, principal, Bobby Fields — vice principal; Jim Baker — athletic director, Faye Allen, Steve Babbitt, David Barker, Michelle Bauer — secretary, Calvin Bayley, Jean Birge, Mark Boudrot, Judy Brown — secretary, Joan Casey, Dorinda Cassiday, Richard Cassiday, Diane Clark, Tim Coppess, Joe Crane, Bill French, Denise Gray, Lois Hallett, Cheryl Hensley, Diane Hettinga — school nurse, Amy Hoover, Dallas Hunter, Debbie Johnson, Marianne Julius, Jerry Kemerly, Lynne Kemerly, Art Lake, Ann Lowder, Harold Markle, Donald McDermit, Sharon McDermit, Brenda Mills, Janet Passwater, Polly Pruitt, Pam Richardson, Greg Scott, Cindy Stephenson — secretary, Jeannine Terhune, Zoe Terhune and Doug Van Dyke.

The senior sponsors were Bill French and Brenda Mills.

The LHS senior graduating class are in alphabetical order: Sarah Babbitt, Robert Bailey, Lori Benner, Vicki Blaszkiewicz, Jamie Bond, Todd Boone, Andrew Bowman, Michelle Buckner, Jill Caplinger, Holly Carey, Jason Christman, Megan Collins, Cary Coomer, Jerry Cross, Angel Crow, Cyndi Duck, Brian Erwin, Nichole Flowers, Laurie Foiles, Amy Fouts, Laura Fryback, Jennifer Griffin, Mandy Hall, Christina Halladay, Stacy Hancher, James Hawkins, Andrea Harry, Jevetta Heinzman, Wendy Hewett, Brian Holycross, Dan Hopkins, Jason Hudson, Micha Hults, Richard Johns, Jamie Jones, Rebecca Kelley, Josh Kindlesparker, James King, Jennifer Kirby, Jeremiah Martin, Jennifer McDole, Shana McMahon, Jodi Molina, Jon Morefield, Lisa Moss, Josh Myers, Amy Harless-Nelson, Mathew Newby, Amy Passwater, Misty Pike, Amy Porter, Amanda Ridgeway, Amy Riffey, Jamie Risk, Joshua Romine, Heather Ross, Jacob Russell, Misty Sauerwein, Amy Shelton, Heather Shuck, Khari Smith, Jeremy Stephenson, Josh Strange, Michael Summers, Sarah Toombs, Mark Woodward, Rebecca Wright and Paul Zink.

When it comes to sports during the 1994-95 season, two teams showed exceptional teamwork and dedication.

The girls varsity basketball team displayed great teamwork during the season. Coach Kevin Brattain took a team, which was in a rebuilding year, and made them stars. The Bulldogs saw a winning season, conference championship and their first sectional. Brattain demanded 100% from every girl on the team. Two girls made the all-conference. The Anderson Indians stopped the season, but it was already something that made the team very proud.

In girls volleyball team also displayed dedication. It started the season with a new coach, with some new rules and tough goals. Coach Karen Emmons had the girls in weight lifting, running and other strenuous exercises, and as a results, the Lady Bulldogs won their first match, knocking out five time repeating champ Highland in the Madison County Tournament and giving second place to the Dawgs. The Lady Bulldogs went on to have a great season.

After 28 years of devoted service as a teacher and basketball coach at LHS, Dallas Hunter retired to, among other things, hang out with his horses. Dallas “Dally” Hunter can reflect back on his time at LHS and be proud of his accomplishments. He left positive impressions on more students than he ever probably dreamed of. He was a devoted teacher, coach and administrator. He will be missed.

After reviewing dozens of high school yearbooks through the past few years, this 1995 Yearbook had two sentences every student should think about as they enter their freshman year of high school. “Make sure you study and pay close attention to what you are learning. Make the most of your ability to work and strive for the best. Remember, high school only comes once, so don’t blow it off.”


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