Markleville celebrates


Jamboree offers food, entertainment and competitions

MARKLEVILLE — Markleville celebrated its annual jamboree on the weekend, with food, entertainment and a slate of activities for people of all ages.

Those who came out to enjoy it included a lot of regulars who live in town and some first-timers who don’t.

“We came up because we heard about it (from a friend),” said Jeffery Carr of Anderson, who was enjoying some quickly melting ice cream with his wife, Cassandra, and young son Quincy William.

Cassandra added, “it’s just so quaint and cute — nothing like a small town festival.”

They are originally from Ohio, Jeffery Carr said.

“This is very reminiscent of where we’re from.”

Amber Griggs, on the other hand, lives in Markleville, and said she makes the jamboree pilgrimage every year.

“We just come and hang out and have fun,” she said, flanked by daughter Daylynn and son Camdon. “They love the bounce houses, it’s their favorite. We try to get involved in whatever they have going on.”

There were sorority- and church-sponsored meals, vendor booths, pet prince and princess contests, a parade and motorcycle show, a quiz bowl game and live music.

Markleville Tractor Club had a tractor show and tractor driving challenges.

There was also an arts and crafts show, petting zoo and more.

New this year were some competitions organizers said they hope to turn into a countywide challenge.

They picked some Guiness Book of World Records activities and invited people to try to set new benchmarks.

Following Guiness rules, people competed in timed challenges to stack quarters, put multiple socks on one foot, open soda cans, complete leap frogs and assemble a Mr. Potato Head.

While no world records were set, times were recorded as county bests, and organizers plan to challenge people at other area events to try to beat them.

Top finishers were:

Bryan Rogers — most soda cans opened in 30 seconds (29);

Cas Clark — most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds (7);

Serene Darr — most quarters stacked in a tower in one minute using one hand (46);

Gary Nolen — fasted time to assemble a Mr. Potato head while blindfolded (1:12.89);

Adalynn Rector and Bentley Cole — most leap frog jumps in one minute by a team of two (30).

The softball game between Markleville Police Department and Adams Township Fire Department (Guns versus Hoses) was forfeited by the fire department, MPD Chief Tim Basey said.

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