Lapel High School Class of 2001


By Ray Tincher | For The Times-Post

The year 2001 was a very eventful year, one that to a lot of people probably brings immediate thoughts to one of the worst tragedies in our nation’s history.

On Sept. 11, 2001, almost 3,000 people were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks at the World Trade Center, in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, and in a rural area near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. American Airlines Flight 11 and a United Airlines Flight 175 were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers; American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon; and American Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked and crashed into grassland in Shanksville, after passengers fought to gain control of the airplane.

Much of the the horror was televised, as viewers watched in disbelief as events transpired. All airplanes which were in the air, were ordered to land at the nearest airport. All current flights were canceled. The next day, a Historic National Prayer Service was held at the Washington National Cathedral for victims of the attacks.

In October 2001, the United States attacked and invaded Afghanistan, with participating nations, beginning of a long war in that country. It was believed, the terrorists were from that area and partly responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

But for the Lapel High School Class of 2001, this devastating, world history-changing event had not yet occurred at the time they graduated.

Their final year of high school for them took place during a time of relative calm, but still included a unique crime-related challenge, which you will read about below.

Some of the local news from that time: The Town Board had a water sewage problem to worry about. Lapel residents were warned they might pay more for home heating gas for the winter.

At Lapel High School, Jaen Brige and Amy Clark were honored as “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”

In February 2001, rumors were flying regarding consolidation of Frankton and Lapel High Schools, . The superintendent of Frankton-Lapel Community Schools, Ned Speicher, said he wanted to set the record straight, “The consolidation is just talk — just that. It’s been a rumor for the past 20 or so years.”

Dennis and Peggy Molina were celebrating the graduation of their daughter Jody Molina, from the Indiana State Police Academy. Molina began 22 weeks of training at the academy in July 2000. Before attending the academy, Molina gained her associates degree in criminal justice. She then attended IUPUI, in Indianapolis majoring in public relations.

In March 2001, Frankton High School was burned by arsonists, who intended only to steal from the school safe. Madison County Deputy Sheriff Major Ron Richardson investigated the fire and claimed arson was not the intent. The three arsonists/thieves were trying to break into the safe using an acetylene torch, and the fire was accidental. Regardless, the incident cost the taxpayers a lot of money. In addition, things had to be changed to accommodate students from both schools. Classes at Lapel had to be cut to half day classes so students from Frankton could attend classes at Lapel.

New teachers were welcomed at Lapel High School were Lori Payne, Eric Hagan, Ruth Fox, Sheryl Dunlap and Beth Jacobs. Sterling Boles was principal, Bobby Fields was assistant principal and the rest of LHS Faculty were: Faye Allen, William Amick, David Barker, Judy Brown, Joan Casey, Dorinda Cassiday, Richard Cassiday, Bill Chase, Amy Clark, Diane Clark, Tim Coppess, Tiffany Estridge, Sharon Fort, Ruth Fox, Denise Gray, Ann Gustin, Cheryl Hensley, Debbie Johnson, Marianne Julius, Jerry Kemerly, Art Laker, Nina Lee, Mindy Linville, Sharon McDermit, Brenda Mills, Carla Mott, Janet Passwater, Poly Pruitt, Karen Reed, Danita Roudebush, Larry Schuler, Greg Scott, Derek Shelton, Sean Swan, Jeannine Terhune, Zoe Terhune, Susan Tudor and Doug Van Dyke.

Senior Class Officers for the Class of 2001 were Karleigh Huff — president, Sarah Sylvester — secretary/treasurer, and Misti Carpenter — vice president. Co-Valedictorians were Misti Carpenter, Karleigh Huff and Eric Bright.

Other senior graduating class members were: Megan Bowers, Jeremiah Brannum, Ryan Brooks, Ashley Cade, Elizabeth Cobb, Justin Coomer, Brandon Filburn, Andrew Flett, Heather Gore, Jason Gore, Charlie Griswold, Riley Guthrie, Justin Hepfer, Brock Hill, Brittany Hobbs, Kimberly Hobbs, Amanda Hodge, Benjamin Hopper, Jennifer Hull, Shannon Humphrey, Jennifer Hunt, Christopher Husted, Lindsay Ingle, Jason Krause, Steven Loser, Jordan Lynch, Matthew Mahoney, Lance McClellan, Chris McClintock, Clinton Moore, Amy Myers, Ashley Nolan, Rachel O’Leary, Landon Paddock, Ronald Phipps, Megan Reddick, Renae Rich, Stephanie Robinson, Mary Russell, Jennifer Slack, Kristine Sprague, Katla Steffey, Justine Strange, Bobby Tinch, Jonathan Turner, Amber Van Horn, Robert Vermillion, Nathan Wainscott, Valerie Williams and Pandora Woodward.

Homecoming Queen Candidates for 2000-01 were Renae Rich escorted by Jordan Lynch; Karleigh Huff escorted by Justin Strange; Mary Russel escorted by Justin Coomer. Renae Rich was crowned Homecoming Queen.

Twenty Seniors attend the fourth annual trip to England. The 10-day tour began on Oct. 29 and lasted through Nov. 7. Pandora Woodward said, “The (airplane) turbulence and the plane fishtailing into the airport made us wonder what was next?” The first four days were spent in London, and the last six days were traveling the English countryside.

In sports, the girls varsity volleyball team had a great year. The team was 19-11 for the year, with Karleigh Huff leading the team with 238 kills, second in county and conference.

The boys varsity basketball team finished the season with a great record of 16-6. This was the best record that Lapel has had since the 1970s. The team finished with an undefeated record at home, 8-0. The Bulldogs were lead by seniors Landon Paddock, Justin Strange, Brock Hill, Jordan Lynch, Justin Coomer and Jon Turner. Leading in assists were Jake Kern; rebound and field goal percentage leader – Andy Hunt; free throw percentage leader – Landon Paddock

The girls varsity basketball team finished with a good season record of 14-9. The JV team finished 12-7. While the tennis team didn’t do so well, Jason Krause was All-Conference.

In baseball, the varsity team finished the season by winning sectional. The girls varsity softball team finished the season with a good record of 18-10. The golf team was on par with a winning season of 13-3 and conference champs. All-County were Landon Paddock and Hayden Williams. All-Conference were Landon Paddock, Hayden Williams and Justin Strange.

The LHS Band was honored by marching in the 2001 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Washington, D.C. Band members were given the opportunity to tour many of the sites in that area.

Lapel High School 2001 Yearbook Staff


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