Christmas wishes from senior residents


Freda St. Laurent

Every year The Times-Post publishes a special section of children’s letters to Santa Claus.

This year, in the lead up to Christmas in Pendleton, we decided to talk to residents of Fall Creek Retirement Home and see what they would write in their Santa letter, after the following opening line: Dear Santa I have been good this year. This is what I would like for Christmas.

Freda St. Laurent

“Thank you for all the Christmas’ past. This year I want peace and tranquility and for people to get along and enjoy each other’s company rather than being in fear all the time.”

Freda St. Laurent, 86



Geneva Davis

“I would like to have all my kids celebrating Christmas together.”

Geneva Davis, 94




Helen Manship

“I’ve been married 75 years. I would like a regular Christmas Day at home with my family. With breakfast together and steak for lunch. I want my family all together.”

Helen Manship, 94



Carolyn Chappell

“Enough people to do the things we want to do and a friend I can depend on.”

Carolyn Chappell, 81



Dorothy Jarrett

“I want happiness.”

Dorothy Jarrett, 96




Francis Davis

“I want my parents back to give me advice when I need it. And a pair of dancing shoes.”

Francis Davis, 82



Leora Richardson

“I want a new set of eyes.”

Leora Richardson, 96




Judy Skaggs

“I want world peace.”

Judy Skaggs, 64




“I want pictures of my family.”

Lena Sullivan, 81 (no picture)


Ivan Sizemore

“A million bucks!”

Ivan Sizemore, 82




Betty Sizemore

“An air fryer.”

Betty Sizemore, 77




Carol Dugger

“I want my family to be here for Christmas.”

Carol Dugger, 94




Karen Haskell

“I want happiness for everybody.”

Karen Haskell, 70




Jean McCain

“I want everyone to be as blessed as I am.”

Jean McCain, 93


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