Juried show awards 2-D, 3-D and photogrphic artists


PENDLETON — Pendleton Artists Society recently announced the winners of its 10th Annual Juried Art Show, with entries in three categories — two-dimensional, three-dimensional and photography — at Gallery 119 in Pendleton.
Prize money was awarded in each category with $100 for First Place, $75 for Second Place, $50 for Third Place and $25 for People’s Choice.
Judge for the show was Micheal Prater, and the show was sponsored by R & R Engineering Co.
The show runs through Dec. 23 at the gallery, 119 W. State St., Pendleton. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

First Place — “African Rain” by Lester Phillips
Second Place — “Desert Follies” by Vernon Bedel
Third Place — “Ready For Grain” by Lynn Rockwell
Special Merit Award — “Fluid Dynamics” by Caroline Pyle
Honorable Mention — “Self Reflection” by Leslie Newton
First Place — “Gumptions Gannets” by Vernon Bedel
Second Place — “Amethyst Rose” by Ellen Shaw
Third Place — “Woman Mountain Dreams” by Teresa Apodaca
Special Merit Award — “Frogs and Phalanges” by Vernon Bedel
First Place — “Squirrel Haven” by Brenda Jarrett
Second Place —“The Ultimate Forgiveness” by Sarah Matern
Third Place — “Ball Jars and Beads” by Chic Velazco
Special Merit — “Going, Going” by Brenda Jarrett
People’s Choice
“Cheyenne Warrior” by Barry Gray

Vernon Bedel’s “Desert Follies” won second place in the 2-D division.

Lynn Rockwell placed third in the 2-D division with “Ready For Grain.”

Caroline Pyle earned a Special Merit Award in the 2-D category for “Fluid Dynamics.”

Leslie Newton earned an Honorable Mention in 2-D for “Self Reflection.”

Vernon Bedel earned the First Place Award in 3-D for “Gumptions Gannets.”

Ellen Shaw’s “Amethyst Rose” earned her second place in the 3-D division.

Teresa Apodaca earned third place in the 3-D division with “Woman Mountain Dreams.”

Vernon Bedel earned a Special Merit Award in the 3-D division for “Frogs and Phalanges.”

Brenda Jarrett won first place in the photo division with “Squirrel Haven.”

Sarah Matern’s photo “The Ultimate Forgiveness” placed second in the photography division.

Chic Velazco placed third in the photography division with “Ball Jars and Beads.”

Brenda Jarrett earned a Special Merit Award for “Going, Going,” in the photography division.

Barry Gray won the Juried Show’s People’s Choice Award for “Cheyenne Warrior.”