Ingalls rejects bids for new town hall


INGALLS — The Ingalls Town Council voted to reject bids to construct a new utility and town office building after council members agreed the plans were too costly.

Council President Tim Green told the council during the town’s water company/storm water utility meeting Jan. 9 the three bids were submitted with proposals ranging from $500,000 to $740,000.

“These are more like you might see if they were building in Carmel or somewhere like that,” Green commented.

He said there were items included in the bids that were more than the town needed.

“For instance, there is $40,000 in the high bid to include three windows along one wall.”

Town attorney Greg Morelock suggested they discard the original bids and advertise for new ones.

Councilman Chris Bradshaw made a motion to do so, and the board agreed.

During the town council meeting that followed, Assistant Fire Chief Alex Marqua reported on estimates for three outfits of new turnout gear for the volunteer fire department.

He said Hoosier Fire Safety Equipment of Anderson submitted an estimate of $6,328 for the gear; with the cost of helmets and shipping, the total cost is about $7,000.

Marqua said Donnelly Fire Equipment, also of Anderson, could provide the helmets without the turnout gear for about $1,000. He said the gear had a 10-year service life.

The board approved up to $7,000 for the purchase of three sets of turnout with helmets.

Later, Marqua called for a mandatory suspension from driving fire equipment for anyone who is behind the wheel when a vehicle is involved in an incident resulting in damage. Suspension would end upon successful completion of standard driver training following the incident.

Marqua then notified the council of his own suspension following a recent accident.

“We, as officers, are trying to hold the department up to a higher standard, and I, myself, should be held to the same standard,” Marqua said.

Council members Green, Bradshaw, and Tonie Caraway voted yes on the water and fire issues. Councilwomen Dusty Smith and Georgia Parker were absent.

An executive session was scheduled 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 16 (after press time) to draft the 2017 salary ordinance and consider a personnel matter. A special meeting was scheduled afterward. Visit

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