‘Green’ and reading — both are very good


It used to be that “green” was a bad thing.

If you were green, you were either nauseated or envious.

Of course, now “green” has evolved to mean that you are friendly to the environment … a good thing!

And, since the library likes to support good things, we are making some changes around here to “go green.”

Would you believe the library has nearly 1,000 light bulbs that burn for at least 65 hours each week? We’re making the switch to LED to save energy.

We’re also making adjustments in our staff area, where we use motion-controlled lights. It used to be that if the sensor didn’t pick up on anything for an hour, the lights would turn off.

But I went around like a bandit a few weeks ago to turn them all to 10 minutes. Now it’s become a frequent and comedic occurrence to walk by a staff office to see somebody doing “jazz hands” to get the lights to come back on.

But hey, it’s good exercise, right?

Finally, we are encouraging you, dear patron, to be kind to Mother Earth as well. We are providing options for a better way to tote your library materials around.

For 25 cents you can purchase a plastic, reusable library-themed bag.

Or, you can purchase one of our $5 reusable bags, which are made from recycled materials.

These blue bags have the library’s logo and one of our favorite quotations about reading, uttered by Stan Lee: “Reading is very good. And you can quote me!”

These bags are generously-sized with adjustable straps and a side pocket perfect for your library card. Once you see one, I think you’ll agree that $5 is a steal!

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