Board fills positions within school system


LAPEL — One personnel move led to another and then to another during the Frankton-Lapel Community Schools board meeting on March 12.

With the upcoming retirement of Lapel Elementary School principal Genny Zetterberg, the board recommended and approved her replacement to be Joe Bowman, who is currently assistant principal at Frankton Elementary School.

Bowman was at the meeting and addressed the board.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Frankton Elementary, and I still enjoy my time at Frankton Elementary, but I am super excited to lead Lapel Elementary into the future,” Bowman said.

Superintendent Bobby Fields then, with the vacancy at Frankton Elementary, recommended Kimm Gray, the school system’s Title 1 director and reading director, to be the new assistant principal at Frankton Elementary.

That followed with the recommendation of Christa Klettheimer, who had been the assistant principal at Lapel Elementary School, as the next Title 1 director/reading director.

All of the personnel recommendations were approved.

Fields said the school is seeking applicants for the Lapel Elementary School assistant principal position.

Retirement approval

The board approved the retirement of longtime Lapel High School physical education/health teacher Sharon McDermit, who has been in the school system for 46 years.

McDermit will retire at the end of the school year.

The board also accepted the retirement of Martha McFadden, who has been with the school system for 15 years. McFadden is Alternative Education Program director.

Clean-up project

Alan and Sue Kilburn of the White River Watchers talked with the board about the annual River Clean-Up project that is done each year in early August.

The project is a clean-up competition between the school system’s two high school football teams.

Usually taking place at White River, the upcoming cleanup will be at Pipe Creek.

The husband and wife duo, both 20-plus year members of the White River Watchers, presented a slideshow of some of the work the teams have done, retrieving tires and metal and other debris from the river.

The Kilburns asked the school board for help contacting landowners in the Pipe Creek area prior to the cleanup.

Library board

Heather Rusche, librarian at Lapel Elementary and Lapel Middle schools, was recommended and approved for a second term on the Anderson City Library Board.

Rusche represents Frankton-Lapel Schools as well South Madison Community Schools on the board. Her initial term, which began in October 2018, ends at the end of March.

Bus rental

The board approved a request for a bus rental to Madison Park Learning Place for its summer program.