The journey


The journey

It’s hard to believe it has been one year since the tornado struck Pendleton.

The Price family property, situated in Pendleton between the Pendleton Sports Complex on one side and Huntsville on the other, was arguably one of the harder hit properties in the area.

While the physical structures suffered relatively minor damage, more than 120 trees were toppled over or snapped in half, leaving an enormous debris field to sort through. Anyone who has driven, walked or biked along Huntsville Road can attest to that.

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My goal has been to get the property presentable again by the one-year mark (i.e. now).

Other than about two dozen root balls, which still need to be ground up, and some grass that needs time to grow back, I can proudly say the goal has been met.

There’s no question I received a lot of help and support along the way, so I’d like to offer my thanks, praise and recognition of the following:

1) In the immediate aftermath of the storm, a couple (Phil, his wife and dog Loki) with a big chainsaw, three young guys and one older gentleman with a chainsaw went above and beyond the call of duty to clear the driveway of several downed trees. This was instrumental because the electric and phone service to the house could not have been restored until the utility companies could access the house.

2) Duke Energy — for restoring electricity to the house the same day the driveway was cleared.

3) Christian Aid Ministries — their crew cleared a path from the far front of the property along Huntsville Road back to the house, allowing for easy movement and clearing to begin.

4) Luke Renner — for making the connection with Team Rubicon, which sawed up quite a few fallen trees.

5) Sue Patton (South Madison Community Foundation) and the Holy Hammers — for helping repair and paint the fencing along the driveway.

6) J. Morrow Construction — for very quick repair to the barn smashed by trees.

7) Family friends — for all your support (emotional and otherwise).

8) To neighbors who have lived with the debris for the past year.

9) And finally to Pendleton’s own Old Town Tree Service — it was obvious from the start they didn’t view clearing of the trees on the property as just another job. Instead, they genuinely shared my vision and passion for turning my part of Pendleton back to something special again.

Thank you to all! This is why I’m so proud to call Pendleton my home town.

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