Looking back at Lapel High School Class of 1964


By Ray Tincher | For The Times-Post

In 1964, Sen. Barry Goldwater from Arizona wanted to be president of the United States. Lyndon Johnson declared a “war on poverty,” beat him out and became president.
There was violence in the Panama Canal Zone involving Panamanian civilians and U.S. forces, with deaths on both sides.
The United States surgeon general declared smoking “may” be a hazardous to one’s health — finally!
Astronaut John Glenn announced he would seek the Democrat Party nomination for U.S. Senator from Ohio. In January 1964, plans were accounted to build the New York World Trade Center.
Cuba cut off the water supply to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Cassius Clay became heavyweight boxing champion. President of Teamsters Union Jimmy Hoffa was convicted by a federal jury of jury tampering.
The first Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, Michigan. And in Dallas, Texas, a jury found Jack Ruby guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, who had been in police custody after President Kennedy’s assassination.
At the Noblesville Drive-In Theater, the feature movie was Don Knotts in “The Incredible Mr. Limpet.”
One other significant event to me: The Brockway Golf Course opened for the season. Non-employee membership within a five-mile radius cost $30; more than five miles, $50 for head of family and $10 for each additional family member. Non-members could pay $1.25 green fees. On Saturday, Sundays and holidays golfers had to be accompanied by a member and pay $2 green fees. Dream on!
Back in Lapel, R. L. Rockhold was being installed as worshipful master of the Masonic Lodge. Other officers were Senior Warden Bert Goul; Junior Warden Phil Hesson; Treasurer Lester Finley; Secretary Lester McDonald; Chaplain Max Bunch; Senior Deacon Clayton Crowder; Junior Deacon Jim Humphrey; Senior Steward Joe Turner; Junior Steward Alden Cox; Tyler James King and Trustee Charles Bailey.
Several people attended the swearing in of Lapel officers: Lynn Woodward, John W. Gladden, board president; Judge Hunter, Charles Baker and Mary Turner, clerk-treasurer.
At Lapel Bowling Alley, M. Musselman had a great night. He rolled a 252, 222 and total of 620. Prime Battery was leading over Plummer’s, Lehr’s, Lapel Hdwe, Young’s, Standard Mat., Cascadden’s and Gwinn’s.
Ernie Presser retired as a local mail carrier. It may have been because of the closure of schools for several days. The area had experienced a blizzard, making it difficult to drive anywhere.
Also, Kenneth Bodenhorn was being recognized as the “Outstanding Young Farmer” of the community for 1963.
The Lapel High School (LHS) menu for one week was listed as follows: Monday — hotdog on bun; Tuesday — ham and beans; Wednesday — ham salad sandwich; Thursday — chicken and dumplings; Friday — fish portions.
The 1964 LHS senior class had 81 students. Stan Hackleman was class president. Tom V. Rhoads was vice president. Phyllis Ann Stottlemyer was secretary, and Constance Lynn Woodward was treasurer. The class sponsors were Elizabeth Huntzinger and John G. Hurley.
“Wishes Can Come True” was the senior class theme.

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The rest of class is as follows: Fred S. Aldred; Shirley Ann Anderson; Curtis Basler; Scott E. Blake; Sharon Sue Berry; Kay Frances Bond; Eleanor Rosalie Branch; Sandra Lou Bourke; Royce Lee Busby; Karen Sue Busby; Barry Burton Canaday; Shirley Ann Caplinger; William D. Castor; Scotty Clark; Charlotte Raye Clements; Harold Gene Cook; Harry Dean Cook; Nancy K. Coyle; William L. Crooks; Michael Von Croy; Ken Dickerson; Janice Ducker; Warren Daniel Edrington; Rosa Everroad; Karen S. Fox; Robert Rex Forrer; Shirley Ann Frick; Martha George; Douglas Randal Gibbs; Wannita Claudette Gruel; Helen D. Harris; Allen L. Houk; Linda Ruth Hudson; Mary Susan Hudson; Kenneth E. Huffman; Eleanor G. Huntzinger; Carl Blaine Layton; Carolyn Leigh; Esta M. Lewis; Lucinda Sue Lewis; Tonya Jean Love; Neal Maggart; Roshier L. Marshall II; Arlene Fay Modlin; Sallie Marie McDonald; Patty Ann McNally; Janice Needler; Mary Elizabeth Neese; Linda Carol Nivens; Darrell E. Parker; Charlotte Peterson; Dennis E. Renner; Steven E. Renner; Joan Sue Ricker; James Carl Rittenberry; David E. Robertson; James M. Romine; Janet Louise Russell; William Russell; Shirley Ann Scherer; Diane Elaine Shaul; Larry Shepherd; Gary W. Shuck; Paul Daniel Springer; Catherine L. Stalker; Danny E. Stout; Judy Katheryn Sullivan; Steven B. Teeters; Donna K. Turner; Robert Lee Turner; John Rex Upton; William Carroll Wallace and David Woodward.
During the year of 1964, music was big at LHS. There was the Mixed Choruses consisting of 55 students, under the direction of Mrs. Mousa, which participated at Christmas, the Spring Concert and the Madison County Choral Festival. There were student members who participated in the annual All State Choral Festival at Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis during Teacher’s Institute. Plus, there was the Cadet Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Flack.
The LHS Band consisting of 73 students was very busy playing for many activities. They competed in the Band Day Parade at the Indiana State Fair, where they placed 27th out of 93 bands in 1964. The LHS Band also participated in the Safety Day Parade and the Veterans Day Parade. In addition, basketball fans enjoyed the band’s between-game performances. The Junior High Band, the Versatile Bands and the Pep Bands added to the atmosphere.
The following students received awards for outstanding efforts: Diane Shaul – state piano contestant; Kitty Carlton, Rosilyn Fisher and Susie Carlton – vocal trio; Patty Frick, Carol Fuqua and Janice Kluth – saxophone trio; Patty Ridgway, Sharon Hiday and Gina Gammon – clarinet trio; Tom Kuhns, Jim Noggle, Miles Cramer and Bob Forrer – trombone quartet; Barry Canaday – Boys State representative; Arlene Modlin – D.A.R. Award; and Diane Shaul – Betty Crocker Award.
In 1964, LHS coaches John Hurley, Jerome Stenftenagel, Ben Decker, Tom Chezem and Gordon Reynolds combined their efforts to improve the school atheletic program.
At the end of their school year, seniors receiving a letter were: in cross country, John Upton; in baseball, Gary Shuck and John Upton; in basketball, John Upton, Warren Daniel Edrington and Robert Rex Forrer.
Lapel High School added a new sport to the high school athletic program: golf. The first LHS golf team would play on its own course at Brockway Golf Course. The team consisted of Rick Woodward, Danny McClintock, Dave Woodward, Bob Forrer, Stan Hackleman, Jim Myers, Bryant Nicoson, Gary Nunley, Chris McGlacken and Craig Richards. They had a good start in their first season.
The LHS cross country team also had a good year, finishing with nine wins and two loses. The team consisted of Jim Clem, Jim Noggle, Larry Stoner, Greg Baker, Tom Kuhns, John Upton, Dennis Kinnaman and Coach John Hurley.
The LHS baseball team pulled the season out by winning six of its last seven games. Their team consisted of Ronnie Stephenson, Larry Stoner, Estes Boles, David Stephenson, Dave Lane, Gary Hiday, James Rich, Gary Shuck, Danny McClintock, Jim Noggle, Jim Perry, Dennis Shupe, Greg Baker and Jim Upton. They were coached by Coach Stenftenagel.
The LHS varsity basketball team had an impressive season with 14 wins and seven loses. The team consisted of Greg Baker, Larry Stoner, Ronnie Stephenson, Jim Noggle, Danny McClintock, Estes Boles, Stan Hackleman, Stan Cook, Danny Edrington, Bob Forrer and John Upton. The team was coached by Coach Jerome Stenftenagel.
We cannot forget the hard-working cheerleaders, who give it all in supporting the many sporting events. In 1964, Sally Frick, Beath Neese, Donna Turner and Nancy Coyle lead the way for the school.
The students responsible for the yearbook should be commended for producing a great publication.

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