Lapel High School Class of 1966


On a Saturday morning, three weeks ago, the Lapel Ambulance took me to the Riverview Hospital Emergency Room.

I was a very sick patient.

Not only was I diagnosed with pneumonia, plus I had been taking a medication the VA prescribed for me, called Gabapentin. It is a pain medication, and it was shutting down my other organs.

Thanks to the doctors and nurses at Riverview Hospital, God gave me another chance to get things right! I intend to make the most out of what time I have left. I guess I never realized how many friends I really had?

In March 1966, the United States announced an increase in the number of troops in Vietnam.

During an interview with the London Evening Standard, John Lennon of the Beatles said, “We’re more popular than Jesus now.” The animated sitcom “Flintstones” aired its final series on ABC.

The 38th Academy Awards ceremony is held in Santa Monica, California. The Sound of Music wins best picture. On April 21, an artificial heart was installed in the chest of Marcell Rudder, at a Texas Hospital. On April 29, the United States announced the troop buildup for Vietnam had reached 250,000.

On May 19, 1966, an Indianapolis court sentenced Gertrude Baniscewski to life in prison for the torture and killing of Sylvia Likens. Fidel Castro declared martial law in Cuba because the United States might attack. The Dick Van Dyke Show ended. On June 13, the Supreme Court ruled on Miranda Rights, requiring police to inform a suspect of their rights prior to questioning. Richard Speck murders eight nursing students in a Chicago dormitory.

There was a lot going on in the world.

Back home, County Superintendent Victor M. Evans made a point of recognizing ongoing efforts in education. “Few people realize the hard work our school officials must contribute to make our school year a successful one.”

James Russell, Neal Dickerson, Ward Shetterly and Kenneth Bodenhorn were the trustees. Once again, Gerald Roudebush was the high school principal.

The Lapel High School faculty for the year was Barbara Blankenbaker — English and journalism; Joe Blankenbaker —history and physical education; Kenneth Cox — math; Miles Cramer — social studies and industrial arts; Billy Joe French –— industrial arts; Lois Hamlett — French, Spanish and English; Dale Harvey — math and physical education; Elizabeth Huntzinger — home economics; Jack Hurley — coaching and business; Genevieve Lyon — art; Rose Marie Marcum —librarian; Marie Ann Marsh — music; Herschel McKamey — music; Mary Millikan — math; Evelyn Mousa — English and music; Marian Noggle — English and Latin; Gordon Reynolds — health and biology; Lucille Rockey – social studies; Fred St John — agriculture, driver’s education and science; Elizabeth Shaul — business; Jean Snyder — chemistry, biology and science; Donald Trisler — history and guidance department; Margret Trisler — English and bookkeeping; Ann Vineyard –—English; Glenda Ward — health and physical education; and Janie Worton – home economics and art.

The 1966 Lapel High School (LHS) Senior class of 75 was sponsored by Marian Noggle and Fred St. John. The senior class consisted of: Nancy Anderson, Pamela Armstrong, Gregory Baker, Hobart Ballard, Dennis Shupe — class president, Thomas Lutz — vice president, Sharry Jones — secretary, Joy Snyder — treasurer, Gary James Bennett,Virginia Berry, Terry Bodenhorn, Carolyn Sue Boles, Estes Boles, Sandra Bolton, Sue Bond, Jerry Bowling, Roger Boyd, Becky Carey, Richard Carman, Mary Helen Carson, Jerry Conway, Penny Kay Cox, Miles M. Cramer, Linda Jo Dickerson, Kathleen Sue Downey, Rosemary Edrington, Woody Fields, Roselyn Fisher, Wilma Jean Ford, Tressa Forney, Carl Forrer, Gary Hiday, Phillip Hinshaw, Robert Hudson, Larry Hutcherson, Chris McGlacken, Linda McNally, Bonnie Martin, Betty Mills, James Myers, Bryant Nicoson, Darrel Noland, Carlis Norris, Gary Nunley, Brian Pilkington, Steve Reddick, John Renner, Graig Richards, Steven Rockhold, Bruce Roudebush, Harold Eugene Rushton, Jeffery Sheller, Danny Shuck, Hardie Smith, Travis Spegal, Deborah Jo Teeters, Debbie Jo Troutman, Lois Tynes, James Upton, Lynn Wainscott, Dennis Lee White, Judy Whitmore, Alan Williams, Harold Wolfgang, Lawrence Lynn Wright, Robert Michael Wynn, Isabel Zahn and Mildred Holman.

The 1966 Lapel High School yearbook dedicated one page to Mrs. Shirley Anderson, a former school teacher who passed away in 1965, as well as Sandra Sue Crosley and Keith Leon Milner, who were killed in a car wreck during their freshman year.

The varsity basketball team ended the season with a 10-10. They lost in the sectional to Noblesville. However, the baseball team really struggled to get the going but ended the season 21-11.

The Class of ‘66 had two senior plays, including “The Reluctant Reunion.”

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