Republicans the big winners in local, county races


MADISON COUNTY — In a General Election with nearly 40% voter turnout in Madison County, several local races were decided by wide margins, a result that could be seen countywide as the Republican party found sweeping success.
Two of Pendleton Town Council’s five seats were on the ballot.
In the District 3 race, Republican Jennifer Roberts defeated Democrat Joe Noel with almost 65% of the vote, 1,140 to 619.
The district is the most southeasterly of the town’s three districts. The two were vying to replace longtime Councilman Bob Jones, who decided not to run again.
“I wasn’t sure what to expect; I’m just really thankful to be elected into this position,” Roberts said shortly after the results came in. “It’s humbling, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I have big shoes to fill following Bob Jones, but I’m excited for the opportunity and I’m up to the challenge.
“I just feel like Pendleton is in such a pivotal time for growth and what that looks like, and controlling and preserving what Pendleton is. And I’m just really excited to be a part of that.”
In District 4 (at large), Republican incumbent Marissa Skaggs won with more than 70% of the votes against Democrat Josh Ring, who announced in October that he was dropping out of the race.
It was too late to remove his name from the ballot, and he nonetheless received 524 votes to Skaggs’ 1,233.
Skaggs was appointed to the seat in November 2020 after Councilwoman Jessica Smith stepped down.
The tighter outcomes came in the non-partisan school board races.

In South-Madison Community School Corp. board races, Kevin Ginder defeated eight-year incumbent Kaye Wolverton in Adams Township, with more than 53% of the vote, 3,684 to 3,222.
“First of all, I appreciate everyone’s support,” Ginder said. “I will strive to do the best job that I can do for the school system and the community.
“I knew it was going to be neck-and-neck coming in. I knew it was going to be a very close race, and it was a very close race.”
Bill Hutton — who’s been on the board since 2012 — in Fall Creek Township, defeated challenger Brandon Godbey with more than 52% of the vote, 3,756 to 3,438.
“You never know going in. The last two times I’ve run, I’ve been unopposed, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Knowing what’s happening at the national level, there’s so many groups going after school board members to try and make changes. It was just a lot of unknowns, to be honest,” Hutton said. “I think it’s time for everybody to get together, and see what we can do to move the school system as far as we can for all the kids involved.”
For the District 3 seat in Green Township, Mark Thompson received more than 60% of the vote, defeating his opponent Jon Beaty 4,348 to 2,866. Thompson will fill the seat currently held by President Joel Sandifur.
“I just want to thank everyone that worked for me, and thank all the voters that came out,” Thompson said. “I appreciate their confidence, and I’ll do the very best job I can do as a school board member.”
Seth Bays won a four-way contest for the only contested Frankton-Lapel Community Schools board seat of the ballot.
Bays received 39% of the vote, compared to his opponents Doug Garber (11%), Brittney Hall (19%) and George (Geep) Harrison (31%).
Seth Bays will replace his father, Alan Bays, who currently holds the seat.
“I was actually very surprised. I was on pins and needles as we were refreshing the page there on the county website,” Bays said. “I was also surprised how much support I received from the Frankton area.”
“I’m really overall excited for the opportunity to serve my community,” he said “I care deeply about both schools and what they mean to the area, and I just really want to see them succeed.”
Landon Paddock ran unopposed for District 5 (Town of Lapel), to replace member Brian Gill, who is not running again. And incumbent Bill Brobston ran unopposed for his (District 6, Town of Frankton) seat.
In an uncontested race for two at-large Lapel Town Council seats, Republicans Noah Bozell and Lindsay Washmuth retained their positions. Bozell received 556 votes, while Washmuth received 473.
Democrat Georgia Parker was the sole candidate in a race for two at-large Ingalls Town Council seats. She received 404 votes.
According to the election report, there are 90,586 registered voters in Madison County, and 36,198 ballots were cast in Tuesday’s election. There were 13,484 straight-party ballots cast: 10,526 Republican, 6,219 Democrat and 116 Libertarian.
Judge Of The Madison County Circuit Court Division 6
Mark Dudley (R) 28,734 (100%)
No Candidate Filed (D)
Prosecuting Attorney Of Madison County 50th Judicial Circuit
Rodney Cummings (R) 28,652 (100%)
No Candidate Filed (D)
Clerk Of The Circuit Court
Linda S. Smith (R) 22,933 (64%)
Joe Spencer (D) 12,779 (36%)
County Recorder
Angela (Angie) Abel (R) 22,624 (64%)
Barbara (Johnson) Joy (D) 12,975 (36%)
County Treasurer
Dan Girt (R) 23,239 (65%)
Devin Scroggins (D) 12,282 (35%)
County Sheriff
John L. Beeman (R) 19,942 (56%)
Joey Cole (D) 15,916 (44%)
County Assessor
Larry D. Davis (R) 28,680 (100%)
No Candidate Filed (D)
County Commissioner District 1
Olivia Pratt (R) 23,822 (67%)
Stephen Gaiser (D) 11,788 (33%)
County Council District 1
Bethany Keller (R) 6,712 (69%)
Dawn Johnsen (D) 2,974 (31%)
County Council District 2
Diana Likens (R) 5,407 (62%)
Timothy Perry (D) 3,276 (38%)
County Council District 3
Jodi L. Norrick (R) 3,725 (51%)
Fred Reese (D) 3,573 (49%)
County Council District 4
Rob Steele (R) 6,294 (64%)
Jerry Burmeister (D) 3,598 (36%)

Adams Township Trustee

Jill Fesler (R) 1,249 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Adams Township Board Members (Vote for three only )

Nancy L. Lowe (R) 1,124 (34%)

Randy Tweedy (R) 1,116 (34%)

Marilea A. Wyatt (R) 1,060 (32%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Anderson Township Trustee

Mike Shively (R) 7,547 (58%)

Asauhn A. Dixon-Tatum (D) 5,456 (42%)

Anderson Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

John Aukerman (R) 6,593 (19%)

Phil Herbig (R) 5,831 (17%)

Kevin Sulc (R) 6,169 (18%)

Meredith (Coco) Armstrong (D) 5,256 (15%)

Jannette Mansfield Davis (D) 5,456 (16%)

Leo Williams (D) 4,973 (15%)

Boone Township Trustee

Lisa A. Schwinn (R) 227 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Boone Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

John R. Hiatt (R) 206 (34%)

Ryan J. Pattison (R) 205 (34%)

Randy Williams (R) 194 (32%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Duck Creek Township Trustee

No Candidate Filed (R)

Chad Kelich (D) 160 (100%)

Duck Creek Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Linda Sue Floyd (R) 179 (34%)

Stephanie Tate (R) 170 (32%)

Andrew Williams (R) 178 (34%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Fall Creek Township Trustee

No Candidate Filed (R)

Fred Gaskill (D) 2,974 (100%)

Fall Creek Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

David L. Martin (Republican) 3,013 (59%)

Tim Pritchard (Democrat) 2,099 (41%)

Green Township Trustee

Greg Valentine (R) 1,791 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Green Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Jerry A. Manges (R) 1,562 (34%)

Sharon K. Robinson (R) 1,589 (34%)

Farrell J. Smith (R) 1,483 (32%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Jackson Township Trustee

Joshua Miller (R) 633 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Jackson Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Harold Miller (R) 531 (29%)

Ronald G. Neese (R) 551 (30%)

Frank L. Shetterly (R) 529 (29%)

Lou Anne Jennings (D) 236 (13%)

Lafayette Township Trustee

Korey Hughes (R) 1,014 (68%)

Terry R. Bailey (D) 471 (32%)

Lafayette Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Rob Amick (R) 970 (28%)

David Wise (R) 1,029 (30%)

Jeffrey J. Jarrell (D) 617 (18%)

Patricia A. Mauck (D) 810 (24%)

Monroe Township Trustee

George (Chip) McFerran (R) 1,693 (69%)

Amie L. Hood (D) 750 (31%)

Monroe Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Sarah Collis (R) 1,667 (26%)

Valerie Jerrils ( R) 1,648 (25%)

Jennifer Ward (R) 1,658 (26%)

Don Swegman (D) 781 (12%)

Richard E. Thompson (D) 747 (11%)

Pipe Creek Township Trustee

No Candidate Filed (R)

Marian Dunnichay (D) 2,069 (100%)

Pipe Creek Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Joseph Miller (R) 2,033 (31%)

Lisa A. Hobbs (D) 1,735 (27%)

Sheila Mcphearson (D) 1,584 (24%)

Debra Seres (D) 1,176 (18%)

Richland Township Trustee

Douglas Stein (R) 1,497 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Richland Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Dale Russell Cook (R) 1,292 (33%)

Michelle Davis (R) 1,337 (34%)

H. Bill England (R) 1,290 (33%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Stony Creek Township Trustee

No Candidate Filed (R)

Diane Lawther (D) 821 (100%)

Stony Creek Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

No Candidate Filed (R)

Patricia Fields (D) 830 (37%)

Stephen N. Priser (D) 678 (31%)

Terry A. Wilson (D) 709 (32%)

Union Township Trustee

Tim Dunham (R) 2,576 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Union Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Dennis Adams (R) 2,233 (35%)

Lloyd Brown (R) 2,081 (32%)

Jack Odle (R) 2,139 (33%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Van Buren Township Trustee

Denise (Dee) Amos (R) 445 (100%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Van Buren Township Board Members (Vote for three only)

Ralph Gordon (R) 405 (42%)

Dix Ann Campbell (D) 278 ( 28%)

Stephen A. Waller (D) 291 (30%)

Ingalls Town Council At Large (Vote for two only)

No Candidate Filed (R)

Georgia Parker (D) 404 (100%)

Lapel Town Council At Large (Vote for two only)

Noah Bozell (R) 556 (54%)

Lindsay Washmuth (R) 473 (46%)

No Candidate Filed (D)

Pendleton Town Council 4 At Large

Marissa Skaggs (R) 1,233 ( 70%)

Joshua Ring (D) 524 (30%)

Pendleton Town Council District 3

Jennifer Roberts (R) 1,140 (65%)

Joe Noel (D) 619 (35%)

Anderson Community School Central 2

Robert (Buckie) Bookhart 7,140 (46%)

Peter Lyon 3,609 (23%)

Denise Sanders 4,889 (31%)

Anderson Community School East 1

Patrick Hill 8,305 (56%)

Andrew Jones 6,422 (44%)

Anderson Community School South 2

Mandy Webb 13,774 (100%)

Anderson Community School At Large 

Joanna G. Collette 8,025 (50.35%)

Kris Ockomon (7,913 (49.65%)

Alexandria Community School District 2

Penny Stevens 2,040 (100%)

Alexandria Community School District 3

Kyle Williams 2,041 (100%)

Elwood Community School At Large (Vote for two only)

David (Mike) Peterson 1,668 (53%)

Sandra (Sandy) Ratliff 1,498 (47%)

Frankton-Lapel Community School Corp. 7 At-Large

Seth Bays 1,454 (39.17%)

Doug Garber 434 (11.69%)

Brittney Hall 687 (18.51%)

George (Geep) Harrison 1,137 (30.63%)

Frankton-Lapel Community School Corp. 5 (Town Of Lapel)

Landon Paddock 3,392 (100%)

Frankton-Lapel Community School Corp. 6 (Town Of Frankton)

Bill Brobston Jr. 3,327 (100%)

Madison-Grant United School Corp. District 2 (Liberty Twp.)

John Hanes 458 (58%)

Kyle Vanmatre 332 (42%)

Madison-Grant United School Corp. District 3 (Fairmount)

Katti Sneed 720 (100%)

Madison-Grant United School Corp. District 4 (Summitville)

Donald Bruce Stanley 742 (100%)

Madison-Grant United School Corp. District 7 At Large

Wendy Longacre 720 (100%)

South Madison Community School Corp. District 1 (Adams Township)

Kevin T. Ginder 3,684 (53%)

Kaye Wolverton 3,222 (47%)

South Madison Community School Corp. District 2 (Fall Creek Township)

Brandon Godbey 3,438 (48%)

William (Bill) Hutton 3,756 (52%)

South Madison Community School Corp. District 3 (Green Township)

Jon Beaty 2,866 (40%)

Mark W. Thompson 4,348 (60%)

Court Of Appeals Judicial Retention -5th Disrict

Shall Judge Nancy H. Vaidik be retained in office? Yes or No

Yes 21,815 (72%)

No 30,485 (28%)