Iron Horse competes at state event, classic in Mason, Ohio


PENDLETON — The Iron Horse Martial Arts competition team recently represented Pendleton in the 2023 Indiana AAU Taekwondo State Championship in Westfield and the 56th Annual AHN Classic in Mason, Ohio.
The AHNs event welcomed more than 700 athletes, topping its previous year record event.
The Iron Horse competition team is preparing for AAU Nationals this July having qualified its entire team.
AHN’s Classic Results
Blackbelt Division:

Houston Edwards won the 12-14 Black Belt Division Grand Champion at AHNs Classic, pictured beside Master Myron Gerber (left) and coach Jack Wimmer.

Grand Champion (awarded for earning three first places, Breaking, Forms, Olympic Sparring) — Houston Edwards
Quinn Sisson — Olympic Sparring first
Kristen Beaty — Olympic Sparring second
Jessica Beaty — Forms first, Olympic third
Jewel Edwards — Olympic Sparring first, Forms second, Power Breaking second
Logan Lagoni — Point Sparring first
Brock Lagoni — Forms first
Tommy Bodkin — Point Sparring first, Power Breaking second
Intermediate Belt results:
Kasey-Lee Wolfe — Point Sparring first, Forms second, Power Breaking third
Beginning Belt results:
Bella Marimon — Olympic Sparring second
AAU Indiana TKD Championship Results:
Blackbelt Division results:
Quinn Sisson — Point Sparring first, Olympic Sparring third
Kristen Beaty —Weapons second
Jessica Beaty — Forms first, Olympic Sparring second, Weapons first
Houston Edwards — Power hand breaking first, Olympic Sparring second, Point Sparring first, Forms third
Jewel Edwards — Olympic Sparring first, Point Sparring first, Forms first, Weapons fourth, Power Breaking first
Logan Lagoni — Weapons first, Point Sparring third, Forms third
Brock Lagoni — Forms first, Weapons first
Gabriel Bradfield — Power Breaking first, Forms third
Intermediate Belt results:
Ethan Lincoln — Power Breaking first, Forms second
Kasey-Lee Wolfe — Forms third
Charlotte Huffman — Olympic Sparring third, Forms third
Beginning Belt results:
Jovi McGahey — Olympic Sparring first, Power Breaking first
The team also will compete in AAU’s Ohio State Championship and cross training events in preparation for nationals.
Iron Horse Booster Club seeks sponsors to help this group attend the AAU National Championship. Find details on Facebook, or email at [email protected].

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