Town gets its jamboree on


PENDLETON — With the weather giving its full support, this year’s Pendleton Lions Club June Jamboree is one to remember.
“It went very well, very well — probably the best one we’ve had,” said Betty Weist, who is the club’s membership chairwoman and helped organize the jamboree. “It was just perfect.”
Weist said she worked the event every night — Tuesday through Saturday last week in Falls Park — and with the weather being “just beautiful,” a large number of people came out for a good time.
“I think it was busier than normal, and everyone was just happy. It was just great,” Weist said. “It seemed like everyone was very polite, and everyone just needed to be out.”
While the club doesn’t have a formal attendance number, she said anecdotal evidence supports her take on it; the Pendleton Kiwanis Club and Scout BSA Troop 232 ran out of their signature food offerings — K-burgers and corn on the cob, respectively — and Family Day on Saturday afternoon was packed.
Family Day offered all jamboree rides for a single ticket from 1-5 p.m., and festivalgoers “took advantage of it,” Weist said.
One funny observation she shared involved the fact that ride tickets, which are a different color every year, never expire.
A man with his grandchildren “pulled three or four different color tickets out of his pocket, you know, that he had saved,” Weist said. “I thought it was very interesting that he had saved those for several years. And that he was, like me, that he’d just now found them.”

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