Academy students visit Community Sports and Wellness


PENDLETON — About 120 sixth- through eighth-graders from Anderson Community Schools wrapped up their two-week fall break Advancement Academy with a field trip to Community Sports and Wellness in Pendleton.
“We wanted to something different; this is something good for them to experience,” Advancement Academy Program Director Maureen Duncan said on Friday, Oct. 20.
Duncan said many of the students had never been to such a facility before.
“It looks like they’re enjoying themselves — it’s phenomenal,” Duncan said.

The program is offered through the Minority Health Coalition of Madison County, a non-profit organization that works with the school district to provide the sessions.
Duncan said there are three two-week sessions each year. More than 900 students were registered during this fall session at three school sites.
The first eight days of the program were comprised of in-school programming, with a field trip planned on either the final Thursday or Friday, depending on age group.
“This has been great; they’ve done so well,” said Samantha Clark, director of youth and family programs at the Pendleton facility.
“We have, at Community Sports and Wellness, just started a field trip program,” she said.
The program includes a variety of activities for children, including an obstacle course, STEM lessons, a facility tour and what the staff calls a Tammy Talk — in the spirit of TED Talks — led by Tammy Resler, facility vice president and nutrition coach.
Field trips follow Indiana educational standards, Clark said.

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