Snow queen, princesses crowned at Christmas in Pendleton


PENDLETON — A lot of people work hard to organize and make sure Christmas in Pendleton is a nice event for all who attend.
Included in that are the Snow Queen, Princess and Royalty members, a highly visible group of youngsters who volunteer to add an extra dose of good cheer to festivities.
The 2023 Christmas in Pendleton Snow Royalty included: Snow Queen Lauren Pemberton, Snow Princess Ashtyn Keegan, Junior Snow Princess Olivia Eskew, Grace Davis, Savanna Hatton, Quinn Keegan, Aniston McGee, Kyla Stapleton and Rigley Zilafro.

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“I think it’s wonderful. Being new to the community, I think it’s a great opportunity to get my foot in the door, get my name out there,” Pemberton, a sophomore at Pendleton Heights High School, said of being Snow Queen.
Pemberton said she loves to volunteer, especially when it involves children and sports.
“I enjoy helping out with younger kids and being a mentor, as much as I can,” she said.
Nine people signed up and served on the court, with a queen, princess and junior princess being named based on their essay that answered the question “How do you give back to your community?”
Candidates have to live in or attend a school in the South Madison Community Schools district.
A five-member committee of people ranging in age from their 20s to their 50s, without children in the district, evaluated essays to determine Queen (Grades 9-12), Princess (Grades 5-8) and Junior Princess (Grades 1-4).
To be on the court, one must commit to being at the crowning ceremony at the start of Christmas in Pendleton, be in the parade and stay for most of the day interacting with visitors and posing for photographs as requested.
“I thought it went very well,” Snow Queen Court coordinator MeLita Delk said. “I thought the girls did a great job interacting with one another,” and out in the community, she said.

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