Pipe down


PENDLETON — Workers are making headway on the Elm Street Drain Reconstruction Project, which involves the installation of a stormwater pipe beneath a former railbed that runs behind homes located mostly along Pendleton Avenue to the east and Main Street to the west.

The 36-inch-diameter perforated pipe will run a distance of about 1,100 feet, starting just south of Elm Street and extending in a southwesterly direction to a point near the Main Street and Madison Avenue intersection. It will connect to a Pendleton legal drain on the west side of Main Street.

Work started several weeks ago and expected to be completed at the end of April, according to the town.

When complete, the buried pipe will carry water north to south and help fix longstanding flooding issues in the area.

The town approved a bid of $457,000 from United Construction Services for the project in February. The project is being funded by town stormwater fees.

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