By Tom Wiles | For The Times-Post

Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. — Proverbs 26:20

I’ve sat around what seems like a thousand campfires in my lifetime.

Ever since I was a kid, the mesmerizing orange glow has held my complete attention.

Singing, praying, laughing, telling stories, and making s’mores have been a regular feature around those fires.

As time goes by, the fire dwindles and the air gets colder which leads to the inevitable request for another log.

The author of the Proverb for the day makes a significant observation for all of us to consider carefully.

A campfire isn’t the only thing that goes out when there’s no more fuel.

Fights need fuel, too.

Gossip, slander, harsh words and the like keep fights going.

He uses a short but decisively clear word to embrace when it comes to battling each other — STOP.

Stop fueling the fight.

Too many people, and too many families face each other as if on battle lines.

The ensuing estrangement and vitriol are staggering to witness.

Whatever the fuel, whatever the “it” is that started the fight needs to be removed.

Jesus came to reconcile us with God by removing our sin on the cross.


Love demanded it.

Regardless of the war you are in with someone, today is your moment to start removing fuel from the fight.

Seize it.

Tom Wiles is senior minister of Fall Creek Christian Church in Pendleton. He can be reached at 765-778-3166.

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