School participates in IDNR poster contest


PENDLETON — Pendleton Elementary School-Intermediate and Town of Pendleton Urban Forestry Committee recently conducted their Oak Trees: Superheroes of the Forest Poster Contest, with the top winner advancing to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry Arbor Day Poster Contest.

Nora Bishop, the schoolwide winner, went on to place second in the state.

About 100 students from the school’s four fifth-grade classes participated in the school poster contest.

The IDNR tasked entrants to create a poster “reflecting the theme and their own understanding of the importance of trees and forests.”

A school judging panel selected the top three posters from each class; from there, a Town of Pendleton judging panel selected the top poster from each class; then, the school selected the schoolwide winner. Nora Bishop was the schoolwide winner; her poster advanced to the state contest, where it placed second. Izzy McAlarney, Ameila Purdue and Ava Wills finished tops were the other three students who finished top in their class. Students in the top three in their class who didn’t advance received Honorable Mention Awards. They were: Kendyl Blair, Abby Buettner, Wrigley Colson, Mila DeShong, Jayne Ginther, Brady LeBeau, Scarlett Myers and Judd Roberts. All winners received award certificates and prize packages donated from local businesses.

For her state placement, Bishop will each receive a book about trees and recognition on the Indiana Division of Forestry’s Facebook page. Her teachers also will receive a kit of educational materials to support their class’s further engagement with Indiana trees, forests and forestry.

All school winners will be recognized at the May 9 Pendleton Town Council meeting.