Trades volunteers needed for school career event


PENDLETON — Organizers of a career event at Pendleton Heights Middle School are seeking about 60 volunteers from the building trades to help teach students about related careers.

“The growth of trades-workers in our area is a pressing concern,” said Marcy DeShong, president of the Madison County Builders Association, which in organizing Build Your Future Day in collaboration with Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation and $5,000 Grant from South Madison Community Foundation. “This event serves as a crucial initiative to address this issue by equipping our youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue rewarding careers in construction.”

The event is set for May 22 (with setup from 2:45- 5 p.m. on May 21). About 350 seventh-grade students will have a chance to participate in five hands-on activities designed to explore aspects of trades careers:

• Concrete — students will build a door stop with handle or a plant pot, with the goal of raising awareness of civil construction

• String art — students will build a catapult and try to determine the best design for a task, with the goal of raising awareness of the variety of careers in construction

• Bridge building — students will learn about two bridge designs and build one using provided materials, with a goal of focusing students on commercial construction opportunities

• Birdhouse — students with build a birdhouse out of wood and explore careers in residential construction

• Picnic table — students will work together to build a picnic table to donate to the school, also with a residential construction focus

For more information about the event and opportunities for involvement, contact DeShong at [email protected] or visit

The curriculum is available at

According to the Madison County Builders Association, it “is dedicated to promoting excellence and professionalism in the construction industry.

“Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, the association strives to foster a thriving environment for builders, contractors, and tradespeople.”