The deadly case of Count Choculitis


One day, Mr. Phone was walking on the sidewalk.

All of a sudden, his friend, Mrs. Computer, turned into a chocolate bar.

Mr. Phone alerted the authorities right away. Mr. Phone was in shock that she turned into a chocolate bar!

“Are you OK, Mrs. Computer? Don’t worry, I will call the police,” he said.

The authorities examined Mrs. Computer to see what caused this chocolate bar outbreak. They later discovered that this was the disease of Count Choculitis. Eighteen people from Indiana had already been affected by this outbreak! Everyone can get it through the air. That is why the authorities alerted the president.

“Mr. President! The Count Choculitis outbreak has never been scarier! Everyone needs to be inside!” The authorities alerted the president.

“What do you want? I’m busy,” the president explained.

The next day, cases of Count Choculitis grew enormously! It went from eighteen to two hundred thirty-three. Mr. Phone was feeling queasy. He was afraid that he might turn into a chocolate bar! All of a sudden, he began to shake, and fall to the ground.

He awoke in an ambulance. Mr. Phone was a chocolate bar! He couldn’t move, all he could do is look around. He was one of the few people who could do this. He was still alive, thankfully. Most people have died at this point, but Mr. Phone was strong.

Mr. Phone arrived at the hospital, got the treatment just in time, and was able to return home safely.

The treatment, the doctors discovered, was salt!

The doctors began using the treatment as it saved millions of lives! This was definitely a crazy adventure for Mr. Phone!