PENDLETON — This year’s Pendleton Lions Club June Jamboree — which had been rescheduled to August — is canceled completely as the longtime providers of the carnival entertainment opted out of the event.

“This would have been the 52nd consecutive year that Luehrs’ Ideal Rides would have been with us,” Lions Club President Dick Creger said. “We’ve worked with that family all the way through. They’re just really great people to work with. And they tried their best, I’ll tell you.”

Luehrs’ President Andrew Schoendienst said the company has been proactive in establishing COVID-19 safety protocols, but that the “uptick” in cases was concerning.

“We thought it best not to participate at this time,” Schoendienst said.

He said there are other events the company was set to do that have been canceled.

Creger said the jamboree was set to go as of last week, scheduled for Aug. 4-8 in Falls Park.

“The biggest problem behind all of this is, of course, COVID-19, and the impact it’s had across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, primarily county fairs shutting down,” Creger said.

He said the club submitted a plan to Madison County Health Department on Thursday, July 16, which was a new requirement by the state for events expecting to attract more than 250 people, when Luehrs’ — which he said helped with the plan — called with the bad news.

“There will be no June Jamboree period for this year,” Creger said. “There are a few folks who have purchased some of the advanced tickets that were out there to be sold, and if those individuals let us know … a refund will be made, or those tickets will be good for next year. It’s really up to you.”

Besides the community missing out on a fun event, Creger said several local groups will take a funding hit, as the festival generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

“It’s not only us, but it certainly affects the scouts, our (Boy Scout) Troop 232, and our local Kiwanis Club,” Creger said. “The jamboree was the largest fundraiser for all three organizations, and funds made from the jamboree went back into the community.”

The Lions Club supports many groups in town, including More Than Conquerors and Friends For Paws, as well as the park and other “general community needs,” Creger said.

In a good-weather year, the jamboree typically raises about $18,000 for the club, Creger said.

“We have been fortunate over the years and a little frugal, and put some money away year in and year out, so it’s not going to be a completely dry year in terms of support for the community,” he said. “We did have to cut the budget back by close to $5,000 — $4,000 to $5,000 — from previous years.

Dennis Humphrey, Kiwanis Club president, said his organization typically makes $15,000 to $17,000 during the jamboree.

“It always has a huge impact on us if anything like this cancels, because that’s obviously the biggest event, per se, throughout the year for us, since it’s a five-day time span,” Humphrey said. “A lot of times we’ll do very well at the June Jamboree. Last year after the tornado was phenomenal for us.

“We’re disappointed in the fact that we’re not going to be able to have it this year, but we totally understand the reasoning behind it. Our club is one of those resilient-type clubs that we just try to figure out a new way to make money for the community, to give back to the community.”

He said the club gives $30,000 to $35,000 annually to dozens of individuals and organizations, all to benefit children, which is the group’s core mission. He said he’s unsure of how this year’s support of such causes will be affected by the cancellation of the jamboree as well as other events.

He said the group has conducted hamburger (K-burger) giveaways for the first time, where sponsors cover the cost of the food and Kiwanis accepts donations. The first event in May netted $4,000 in new funding for the club.

“Because of what we do and the way we do our business, and the community that backs us, we’re still fortunate enough to raise money,” Humphrey said. “And it might not be as much this year, but what we do make we still will give back to the community. If it’s half of what we normally do, or if it’s three-fourths of what we normally do, we’ll still give that amount back into the community. We’ll just have to … look at other organizations that request our help and individuals that request our help, we’ll just have to look at those a little bit harder, and see who truly needs what we can give.”

Humphrey said with the burger giveaways, a “solid amount” in the group’s checking account and a “fair amount of money in our savings account as well, just to have as a backup,” he’s sure the group will be able to continue serving its mission.

“This community is just phenomenal in supporting most organizations, whether it be Kiwanians or Lions Club or the school itself, or anything like that,” Humphrey said. “This community steps up, and they just love their K-burgers. It’s just a simple little hamburger that tends to really help a lot of children. So that’s what’s important.”

Creger said looking at the long jamboree history, it’s amazing that COVID-19 has led to the cancellation where other challenges have not.

“That’s even with floods in the park, that’s even with tornadoes through Pendleton and everything else — we defeated all of that,” he said.

“If we’re not through this by next year, it will have a big impact — we’ll just have to make that call when the time comes there. But let’s be positive about it and there will be a 2021 jamboree.”

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MARKLEVILLE — Markleville Jamboree Committeewoman Dianna Driver Smith said Markleville in planning a one-night summer event — Markleville Free Music night — in place of its jamboree.

The event is scheduled for 6 to 10 p.m. July 31, in Community Park.

On stage from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. will be On The Run Band and from 8 to 10 p.m. will be Steve Jeffris.

At 7:30 p.m., a softball game featuring Markleville Police And Adams Township Fire departments is tentatively scheduled.

Fat John’s Walleye Wagon featuring favorites walleye, tenderloins, chicken strips,ice cream and more will be available.

Greek’s Pizzeria will be selling pizza and beer

People are asked to bring chairs and blankets and to social distance. Some chairs will be provided. Masks are encouraged.

There will also be a tractor show.