Lapel High School Class of 1989


The year 1989 was a turning point in political history because a wave of revolutions swept the Eastern Bloc in Europe; it started in Poland and Hungary, with experiments in power sharing and came to a head with the opening of the Berlin Wall in Germany in November, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, embracing the overthrow of the communist dictatorship in Romania in December.

We also saw protests against communism in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, which China quickly crushed.

In January 1989, the Lexus and Infiniti luxury car brands were launched.

After several years, Ted Bundy was executed by Florida’s electric chair for the murder of several young women. Barbara Harris was the first woman consecrated as a bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States. And after 74 years, Iceland ended its prohibition on beer.

George H.W. Bush was sworn in as the 41st President of the United States. Bush addressed gun control when he banned certain guns deemed as assault weapons into the United States. In May ’89 Bush ordered 1,900 U.S. troops to Panama. The government of Panama, under President Manual Noriega, declared the results of the presidential election void, which Noriega had lost to Guillermo Endara. Noriega would later end up in prison.

Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced that they had achieved “cold fusion” at the University of Utah.

During the 61st Academy Awards, “Rain Man” won Best Picture. Jodie Foster won Best Actress.

Back in Lapel in 1989, Jerry Kemerly announced first graders Manda Clark and Dustin Husted were the winners in a special bonus label collection contest at LES. Al Swinford’s Lapel Drug Store awarded each child a $20 gift certificate as first prize.

In 1989, the Marching Bulldogs collected bundles of old newspapers around Lapel and Fisherburg. The band members used proceeds from the paper drive to buy protective rain gear.

Also in 1989, LHS 4H/FFA Crops Judging was conducted. Coach Don McDermit’s team placed fourth. Team members were Glen Maggert, Mike Rinker, and Chad Everitt.

West Central School Superintendent Paul Davis submitted his resignation at the February board meeting. Davis said he had been in education 38 years, beginning in 1951 as a seventh-grade teacher and coach at Leach School. Davis had worked at Northwestern High School teaching social studies and as head baseball coach; he had also taught at Frankton High School for 16 years and served as athletic director; then he moved to Madison Grant High school principal; then to West Central School Corp. as assistant superintendent. For the previous five years, he had served as superintendent.

The Lapel Post featured a photo of a paperboy in its March 9, 1989 edition. Back then the paperboy was almost like the mailman, “through rain and snow” the newspaper must be delivered. The photo of Anthony Cox shows him standing in snow. Anthony was in the fourth grade at that time and delivered the Daily Ledger. His parents were Tammy and Larry Steve Odle of Lapel. Gone forever is the door-to-door paperboy, much like the milkman.

At the beginning of the prior school year, reconstruction had begun at Lapel High School. The halls were carpeted, new rooms were added, plus new hallways. The 1989 senior class was drawing most of the attention. Finishing their fourth year of high school was almost complete, and many were probably thinking of where they can go to college. However, there were several scheduled events to make their senior year fly by, such as Homecoming, plus the prom, etc.

The school board members were Lloyd Young, Ron Stephenson, Nancy Likens, Fred St. John, George Dickson, Timothy Fihe, Gary Dalzell and Daniel Davidson. Superintendent was Paul Davis. Principal Larry Galliher, with Assistant Principal Joe Buck, were credited with having a great faculty. Secretary Judy Lane and Peggy Stephens managed the paperwork. Guidance Counselors Marianne Julius and Art Laker were available to students.

LHS faculty members were Robert Adams, Faye Allen, Steven Babbit, Jean Brige, Mark Boudrot, Joan Casey, Dorinda Cassiday, Richard Cassiday, Diane Clark, Tom Coppess, Bobby Fields, Bill French, David Fuqua, Denise Gray, Lois Hallett, Cheryl Hensley, Sue Hersberger, Diane Hettinga, Caroline Howenstine, Dallas Hunter, Anne Lowder, Harold Markle, McDermit, Sharon McDermit, Brenda Mills, Karen Reed, Larry Schuler, Greg Scott, Pam Shively, Jeannine Terhune, Zoe Terhune, Don Trisler, Douglas VanDyke and George Williams.

Lapel Elementary School faculty was now separated from the high school for the first time in history. Jerry Kemerly was responsible. Sue Morris was clerk and Michelle Bauer was her aide. Elementary teachers were Robert Allison, Margaret Anderson, Joanna Baker, Carol Bauner, Linda Burger, Pam Collins, Cathy Coomer, Debbie Davis, Janet Eisenbise, Cheryl Farrell, Woody Fields, Trudy George, Cathy Gillespie, Kevin Harvey, Sheryl Hawsey, Jack Howell, Marsha Hudson, Patty Huntzinger, Debbie Johnson, Jannice Peterson, Lori Poore, Geraldine Smith, Patricia Stewart and Lisa Storm. Mrs. Spearman was the elementary librarian.

Mike Rich was senior class president; Aaron Lee Stephenson was vice president; Diana Lynne Lee was secretary; and Kelly Ann Perry was treasurer. Class Student Council members were Angala Dawn Kemerly, Brian Kilburn, Tonya Renbarger, Brian Shelton, Michael Barker, Stacy Bledsoe, Gale Bloom Jr., Amy Boles, Skye Boles, Angie Bourke, Eddie Bousman and Christopher Bradberry.

The other ‘89 senior class members were David Bright, William Chase, Katheryn Cloud, Jerry Cochran, Susanne Cundiff, Christina Dugger, Todd Ellingwood, Robin Flatford, Jennifer Ford, Matthew Forney, Deborah Fry, Sharek Gadd, Elizabeth Geiger, Ann Marie Gillespie, Renee Green, Daphne Lynn Halsell, Kristopher James Harney, Angela Havens, Jason Hayden, Cheryl Hazelwood, Scott Hazen, Gary Heppen, Patricia Hinshaw, Brenda Jones, Brent Jordan, Betsey Keffer, David Kowalski, Tim Laut, Patricia Lutz, Linda Lyall, Michelle Mann, James Martin II, Keri Mason, Angela McDole, Kristian McMahon, Stephanie McMillan, Michael Mertz, Heather Millikan, Beth Mills, Danny Moore, Chad Mountcastle, Dan O’Connor, Shannon Oleksy, Ra Ann Parks, Cory Phillips, Wendi Phillips, Steve Pollard, Trinity Ramsey, Teresa Reddick, Mike Rinker, Mindy Roberts, Eric Robinette, Craig Roudebush, Brian Shetterly, Brandon Smith, Amanda Spacaj, Marcus Stephenson, David Stichler, David Sturgeon, Brian Toombs, Jim Vanasdal, Christina White, Dawn Wise, Lynley Woods, Chad Woodward and Carrie Ann Wright.

From the ’89 Senior Yearbook: “From the day he was born to the time he died, he touched many hearts, many souls, many lives. Bright and articulate in his own quiet way, he will be deeply missed long after today. Josh earned his place in heaven above, his memory stays with us and his example of love. In memory of Josh Tudor.”

This writer was told Josh Tudor died of cancer.

“Rain, rain, go away, the Lapel High School Band wants to play.” Amidst all of the weather, the band stuck together and performed very well. The LHS band also went to Washington D.C. right after spring break. Greg Scott had the band “running on all cylinders.”

In sports, the basketball team drew most of the attention with their “Hoosier Hysteria.” The regular schedule was finished and the sectional was on the horizon. The post-season began with a pizza party for the team at the country Corner Inn. On Saturday, the athletic department financed their meals at Sizzler. On Sunday there was a party for the team at the Kemerly’s. The cheerleaders were doing their thing in getting the fans ready for the big game. On Tuesday, the big day arrived. The school building was decorated with posters and streamers. All of the fans gathered in the gym for a pep session.

At the Anderson Wigwam, Daleville had just defeated Frankton. The Lapel team walked out on the basketball court ready for action. They were matched with Pendleton. Lapel played very well the first half. We were only down 27-24 at the half. The third quarter really hurt Lapel; it scored only four points. However, Lapel rallied back in the fourth quarter, but Pendleton was ready for Lapel and powered their team to victory. The fans supported the Bulldogs all of the way. Even though they lost 73-53, it was a great game. The fans were all yelling after the game, “Wait until next year!” And that is what makes Indiana High School basketball so popular among fans.

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