Pendleton Heights Top 10%, Take 1


PENDLETON — Pendleton Heights High school recognizes the Top 10% of the year’s graduating class.

There are 33 students in that group for the Class of 2024. The countdown begins this week with Nos. 33 through 26.

It will continue through several editions of The Times-Post.

Isaac Hill

33. Isaac Hill

Isaac Hill is currently ranked 33rd with a grade-point average (GPA) of 11.76. He is the son of Megan Hill. He participated in football, German Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). He plans to attend Purdue University (West Lafayette). He will be majoring in radiological health services. He hopes to become a radiologic technologist and eventually become a radiologist.

Jacob Sikorski

32. Jacob Sikorski

Jacob Sikorski is currently ranked 32nd with a GPA of 11.78. He is the son of Jacob and Kristie Sikorski. He participated in Student athletic council, National Honors Society, BETA club and soccer. He plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He plans to study motorsport engineering. He also plans on getting a minor in German. He hopes to be an engineer working on optimizing the design of high-performance race cars.

Nolan Souders

31. Nolan Souders

Nolan Souders is currently ranked 31st with a GPA of 11.7925. He is the son of Sarah and Brian Souders.He participated in football, track and field, National Honor Society (NHS) and FCA. He plans to attend Taylor University to study finance and play football. He hopes to be a financial adviser but undecided at this time.


Aubrey Anderson

30. Aubrey Anderson

Aubrey Anderson is currently ranked 30th with a GPA of 11.8409. She is the daughter of Caleb and Ashley Anderson. She plans to attend Anderson University. She was accepted into the dance program, where she will be doing ballet, pointe, jazz and modern. She plans to minor in dance and major in psychology (with some business classes). She hopes to eventually go into counseling or therapy with hopes of teaching dance as well. Her goal is to open her own studio/wellness center. She hopes to create a healthy safe place for young girls to take dance classes and for her to provide other mindful classes, including dance therapy and other counseling services.

Kaylee Phan

29. Kaylee Phan

Kaylee Phan is currently ranked 29th with a GPA of 11.86.

She is the daughter of Tam Duong and Tommy Phan. She participated in Beta Club and Bring Change 2 Mind. She will be attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. She plans on getting a major in biology. She hopes to pursue a career in dermatology.

Parker Brown

28. Parker Brown

Parker Brown is currently ranked 28th with a GPA of 11.88. He is the son of Chris and Jodi Brown. He participated in National Honor Society, Beta Club and Pendleton Players. He plans to attend Anderson University to study electrical engineering. He plans to become an electrical engineer.


Neleh Thompson

27. Neleh Thompson

Neleh Thompson is currently ranked 27th with a GPA of 11.9074. She is the daughter of Amy and Jason Thompson. She participated in Pendletones, Emerald Suites and Pendleton Players. She plans to attend Ball State University for social work. She hopes to help children in hospitals as a child life specialist.


Kaleb Day

26. Kaleb Day

Kaleb Day is currently ranked 26th with a GPA of 11.9821. He is the son of Joshua and Melissa Day. He participated in FCA, NHS, football, Beta Club and Spanish National Honor Society. He plans to go to Ball State University to major in finance with a minor in sports management. He hopes to become a financial adviser and potentially work at a sports agency for athletes.