The adventure of the locket


The following story is written by a student in Kandi Martin’s fifth-grade class at Lapel Elementary School. “Students were to choose an object(s) from home and write a fiction piece about them in quarantine for some disease, “ Martin said. “Some chose the obvious, COVID-19, others chose to create a disease of their own.”Marie was a simple girl and she was 12, not different from us.

By Amiah Kocher

Marie always keeps her locket that her dad gave to her before he passed.

Marie had her moments and her not so great ones, too, but what would we be about without our weirdness.

Marie had three brothers — Chance, Chace and Chalice. Her mother didn’t have much money to go around. So for birthdays and small celebrations they didn’t get much.

One day Marie was at school she heard about this heart-eyed virus. Marie wanted to know what that was, so Marie asked her mother, Mallery.

Marie and her mother looked up the virus, and the internet said what the virus was. Well, the virus is airborne, and they call it heart eyed because you become crazy. This was not a big deal at the time.

They just talked about the virus, nothing was happening so far.

Only to find out the locket had some kind of magic. One day at school assembly the principal said that the school was closing for the rest of the year.

That is how she knew it was getting worse.

When she was around her family, her locket started glowing.

She wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

Later she found that the locket was magic. Marie was going to fix everything. But it was too late, or so she thought. The virus was too powerful.

She used her locket to fix everything and the days were normal once more.