Covid Crayola


Once there was a crayola family that lived in Crayolaville.

Mr. Crayola worked at Crayon Court, and Mrs.Crayola is a doctor at Crayolaville’s hospital. They have six children — two of them are in high school, two are in middle school and two are in elementary school.

Blue Crayola has been best friends with Winter Green Marker since they moved next door five years ago.

One day, Mrs. Crayola started to shed red sheddings. Mr. Crayola started to get worried that Mrs. Crayola needed to get tested. Later on that night they were watching Cray News Channel 15, and they were talking about the COVID-19 and they saw the same symptoms.

That is what Mrs. Crayola has.

As the days went on, Mrs.Crayola got worse. One day Mrs. Crayola decide to go to the hospital and the nurse said, ”Ma’am, you do have the symptoms? We will need to take a test and when we get the results we will contact you if it is positive or negative.”

So then they tested Mrs.Crayola and she left the hospital.

When Mrs. Crayola returned from the hospital she saw Precious Pink and Winter Green playing in her living room. She asked them to leave because she was still waiting for her test results.

A few days later some of her family members started to display the same symptoms.

Mrs. Crayola got her results back confirming that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and that her and her family needed to quarantine for 14 days.

Mr. Crayola dialed the Marker family’s number and tells Mrs. Marker that she and her family need to get tested to make sure they don’t have the COVID-19 because “your children were at my house.”

Then the Marker family drove to go to the hospital. They got tested by Nurse Sharpie and then they drove back home. They had to stay in their house until they got their results.

Few days later their results were in and it was confirmed that they had COVID-19, and they needed to continue quarantining for the next 10 days. Then the whole town of Crayolaville and other cities nearby shut down because of COVID-19.

A year past and the doctors finally found a vaccine that could treat COVID-19. Everyone was cured, and they lived happily ever after.